Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Peek Inside This 240 sq.ft Tiny Project Houses

Tiny Project House by Alek Lisefski attempt to provide tiny living on simple, attractive, affordable and more sustainable ways of living. Located in Sebastopol-California,...

Tiny Living On Hikari Box House

The Hikari Box: Simple and Efficient Tiny living   The Hikari Box offers a spacious and rich natural light tiny living with a simple building process. Designed by...

Small House Builders Companies, Prefab and Kits [Ten List]

In the manner of limitless plans, sizes, and styles, kit homes are an engaging alternative for small house kits buyers. Self build kit houses...

The Nido: 96 Sq.ft Small Cabins Built In The Woods

  The picture of isolated small cabins in the woods recalls the simple, idealistic and a compact get-away for the designer (Robin Falck), an escape...

Amsterdam Hybrid Small Home-Office: Zoku Loft

Zoku Loft are located in Weesperstraat 105 1018 VN Amsterdam. Designed by Concrete Architectural Associates. This Studio Apartment is new typle rented space ( hybrid small home and...

Smart and Impressive Tiny Hall House Built

              This Tiny Hall House located in Massachusetts. Has 160 square feet floor area and built for under $30K over six months. The Tiny Hall Home comes...

Impressive ‎€ 280,000 Small Modern House in Landskrona, Sweden

  Located in Landskrona, Sweden.This small modern house design can look as luxury as a bigger home. Architects Elding Oscarson has completed the townhouse in five meters...

431 Square Feet Wee House Tours

This Wee House is designed by The Wee House Company which is a company that designs and builds tiny and small homes offering energy-efficient small houses on the...

Blue Vinyl Tiny Trailer House Has All Comfort

Blue vinyl siding board and batten vinyl sidding ministry tiny home trailer with corrugated metal but on bright red door and lots of beautiful...

3 Small Cabin Plans By PinUpHouse

Candy Small Cabin Plans   This DIY cabin built with 158 ft2 (14,7 m2) floor area. Level up 1 meters above the grounds. There is a sleeping...