5 Things to Remember When You Start a Macrame Project 2022

Things to Remember When You Start a Macrame Project

The retro crafting project of macrame has many surprising elements and beautiful adaptations. If you want to learn this craft or hone your skills, you need to follow the right techniques and methods. 

There are many ways to begin a project for an indoor and outdoor item or accessory. Whatever you choose, here are some fantastic tips that can help to make the most of your craft.

Practice Your Skills

Before you start making something, practice your skills to avoid unnecessary errors down the road. Remember, it can cost you several dollars to get the project running. It includes the expenses of equipment and accessories you may need. 

So, instead of wasting these resources on failed attempts, you can start with a smaller practice project to polish your skills for a bigger one. It will familiarize you with different knots and patterns as well. 

Invest in High-Quality Fiber

Before starting your project, the selection of the fiber is the most critical step in the process. Choose the right type of fiber that may include cords, ropes, yarn, or strings. The material of fiber matters the most in this selection. The choices include cotton, nylon, jute, acrylic, hemp, etc. 

Mostly, the experts recommend using cotton cords with a diameter of at least 3 mm for the beginner-level projects. It is not only versatile and flexible but also soft and durable to sustain the project. Cotton ropes are also available in two types, viz. braided and twisted ropes. Choose the cord that works for your project. 

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Maintain Proper Tension

With required practice, you can become an expert in handling a macram√© project. Here, the strength used for tightening the knots can primarily affect the overall results. It can ruin the consistency of other elements as well. 

So, it makes more sense to practice the right amount of tension you need for consistent knotting. If the knots look shoddy at places, you may have to find the right balance between tightening and loosening them.

Choose Simple Patterns

If you are working on a beginner or middle-level project, start with a simple pattern to create your masterpiece. It can be a simple square knot or an alternating square knot. 

These are basic patterns that are easy to make. You can learn to maintain uniformity in these designs. Also, you may use the individual boards or anchoring methods to keep your work-in-progress secure in place. 

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Use the Right Amount of Rope

The amounts of ropes or cords you need are 5-6 times the total length of the finished item. Always keep an extra cord length top to make fringes or other decorative accents at the bottom of your piece. You never want a short rope because it can ruin your project thoroughly. 

Also, it is challenging to add ropes later on. However, at the same time, there’s no need to waste the leftover ropes as well. You can do smaller projects like jewelry, key chains, or bookmarks with the shorter cords. 

When you want to get into this project, take help from the community of other artists sharing their knowledge online. Let your creativity take center stage, and you’re good to go. 

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