Who doesn’t like summer? Who doesn’t like to eat chilled drinks, ice creams, beaches, suntans, or dip in pools in the middle of the afternoon? You can do almost everything you want in summer, but that also comes with a cost — a hot climate. Sometimes the climate gets so hot you can’t stay inside your house. In this article, you’ll learn some of the best hacks you can do to keep your house cool in summer and still enjoy the day.

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Keep The Sunlight Out: Close the blinds of your house, especially those facing north and westwards. Those areas are prone to getting the most heat and sunlight on summer days. Consider using blackout curtains so that the sunlight gets blocked and doesn’t get space to enter your house. Excess sunlight will make your house warmer, and the harmful UV rays in it can also damage the furniture and your skin. Opt for heat reduction films because they reflect sunlight and keep the heat outside your house.

Use The Ceiling Fans: If your house’s ceiling fans push the hot air inside the rooms, it’s time to set the fans to rotate counter-clockwise now. By doing this, the fans will push cool air into the room, making it bearable for hot climates. Change the setting of the fans back in winter to pull the cool air up and make your room warmer.

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Invest In Greenery: Plant trees around your house. Though it may take a few years to receive a payback, it will be worth it because big trees around your house can provide cool shadows, making the inside cooler than the outside. Also, invest in house plants. Not only do they look aesthetic, but they also make your house a lot cooler. In hot temperatures, plants release water from their leaves. This process is called transpiration. 

Keep The Windows Open At Evenings: As mentioned earlier, keep the blinds down during day time, but you can let the windows be open in the evening. In the evening, the climate is much cooler than the day; cold winds also blow occasionally, making the atmosphere cool. Open the windows so that the cool air can get inside your house and make it cool.

Think Of More Cooling Solutions: The air conditioning system seems to be the gift of God in summer. What would we do without it? But using AC for a prolonged period can work slowly, making it less effective in hot summer climates. Clean the air filters from time to time, and if it needs to be repaired. You might want to contact Palm Coast AC company for 24hrs assistance. If you are facing any problems regarding the AC, you will have a chance to get it repaired again in no time.

Upgrade The Light Bulbs: People of Australia stopped using incandescent lights long ago because they produce a lot of heat and make the rooms hotter. Instead, opt for led and energy-saving lights. They provide enough light to make the room bright, don’t produce heat, and consume less energy.

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