8 Reasons Why You Should Add a Solar Panel Roof to Your Home

You’ve probably noticed the soaring energy prices lately. But have you ever thought about finding a way to reduce your monthly energy bill while also helping the environment? Solar panels are a great alternative that helps in more ways than one. 

Solar panel technology has made much progress since it was created in 1883. They’ve become more accessible and affordable for the average person. Now with sky-high energy prices, many people are turning to this alternative. There are many different reasons to convert to solar energy. 

Adding a solar panel roof to your home is a big step, but it has many benefits. Today, we’ll go over eight reasons you should add a solar panel roof to your home. 

High Utility Bills Got You Down - Solar Installation In Penrith Will Save Your Budget And The Environment

1. Solar energy is great for the environment 

One of the well-known facts about solar energy is that it is clean, green energy. Having a solar panel roof installed is a great way to become more environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint at home. This also contributes to a sustainable future for your home’s electricity. 

Renewable energy like this also improves your local community’s health. Natural gas, coal, and nuclear plants produce terrible pollution for the environment and your community. These plants also use lots of water for their cooling process. Reducing how much energy you use from these plants is just another reason to add a solar panel roof to your house. 

2. You can produce your own locally-sourced energy 

You no longer need to rely on traditional electricity sources and can now create your own. Not only are you able to go “off the grid.” But you can depend on your solar energy. With all the crazy things that have happened in the last few years, having a reliable and natural energy source is becoming increasingly important. 

If your solar panel roof has a battery, you can virtually live forever with these solar panels. In addition, you can use these batteries to store energy for later or on a rainy day. This will further help you to reduce your monthly energy costs. 

3. Reduce or eliminate electricity bills 

This is an obvious reason, but we’ll dive further in. You won’t need to worry about rising electricity costs by producing your own energy. Instead, you’ll lock down your energy bill costs and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Energy prices continue rising, and there have been reports of some people paying over a thousand dollars a month with these new prices. However, once you invest in solar panel installation, you’ll be guaranteed to have reduced your overall costs of electricity

4. Potential to earn tax rebates and incentives 

Solar energy has become much more accessible to many people through government tax rebates and incentives. Because of these aspects, many people can reduce the cost of their solar panel installation by up to 25%. This makes the solar energy route an excellent choice for many people. 

In 2022, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (TIC) offers a 26 percent tax reduction for those who use solar energy. In addition, many states have begun pushing for more people to use green energy and have created other incentives for those who go this route. When you combine state and federal rebates, you can see how much easier it is to go the solar route. 

5. A solar panel roof adds value to your home 

This reason isn’t quite as well-known as some other reasons on this list, but it is a great one to consider! Adding a solar panel roof to your house helps raise the value of your home. So you’re not only cutting costs and saving money, but you’re increasing the value of your home, which can come in handy if you decide to sell the house. 

Some studies have found that adding solar panels to your home can increase the value of your home by up to 20%. This can be a huge selling point for buyers and will leave you with a bigger check once the house is sold. 

6. Solar panels are durable and require minimal upkeep 

Solar panels are built to last and withstand the elements. This outstanding investment won’t have you calling someone to fix them constantly. They are pretty durable and can handle a lot. Some solar panels last up to two decades before needing any replacements. And as technology continues to advance, the lifespan of these panels does too. 

Because a solar panel roof is stationary and has no moving parts, they are less prone to mechanical repair requirements. As a result, a solar panel roof is an excellent choice because you’ll see your costs cut in electricity bills long before you’ll need to pay for repairs. You can even find installers who offer maintenance packages for routine checks of your panels. 

7. Start saving from the first day your solar panel roof is installed 

Unlike many other investments, solar energy immediately helps you start cutting costs. As soon as your solar panel roof has been installed, you can begin using it. You won’t need to wait months to see a difference. Not only will you have immediate savings, but the long-term savings make a solar panel roof more than worth it. 

8. Extend the lifespan of your roof

Solar panels’ durability help to extend the lifespan of your roof. Because solar panels are created to withstand snow, rain, and debris, solar panel roofing will benefit from increased durability and is less likely to need as many repairs as a typical roof. 

They also help keep your house cooler in the summer because the sun is no longer beating down on your room. But instead, the sun’s rays are absorbed and converted into energy that you can utilize. Solar panels shield your roof and protect it. They’ve been shown to help houses stay cooler by up to 5%. This means you’ll save money from roof repairs that would normally happen due to weather problems while keeping your house cooler. 

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