Decorating Tips to Make Your Small Toronto Apartment Feel Like Home

When you live in the city, small apartments are part of the territory. Getting to enjoy the big city lifestyle, having access to 24-hour transit right outside your door, and being able to walk or bike to work comes at a cost, and for most people, affording it often means living in a relatively small apartment or condo.

As you’re searching for downtown Toronto apartments for rent, don’t despair about the small sizes or uninspired paint jobs. These decorating tips will help you make any apartment feel like home.

Decorating Tips to Make Your Small Toronto Apartment Feel Like Home

Decorating Tips: Personalized Wall Décor

One of the biggest complaints people have about downtown Toronto apartments or condos is how they feel like they’re all the same. There’s some truth to it. Units in the same building tend to all use the same materials and have the same appliances unless they’ve been renovated.

You can get over the feeling of uniformity by making sure your design is personal to you. Don’t rely on cookie-cutter wall decor that anyone might own. Make sure your prints, posters, and art mean something to you. Some ideas include:

  • Buying prints from your favourite artists online.
  • Heading to vintage markets or events like the Toronto Comics Arts Festival to find indie artists.
  • Finding prints of your favourite fine art.
  • Getting maps or art of places that you’ve visited.

A personal touch will make your apartment feel more like your home.

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House Plants: Bring Your Place to Life

There’s a reason that during the peak of lockdowns, house plants became the next big thing. People were spending more time at home than ever, often not by choice, and house plants can make your home feel cleaner and fresher. They’re a beautiful addition to your home that can improve your mood and make you feel more grounded.

The key is making sure your house plants are able to thrive. This can be a challenge if you’re in a low-light apartment, like a basement or an apartment with north-facing windows. There are two tools you need to add to your arsenal to make sure your plants are healthy, even in the dark months of winter. The first is an indoor grow light, which fills in when you don’t get enough sunshine in your place. 

Kitchen Storage: Stick to Multiuse Cooking Equipment

Small kitchen spaces present some unique challenges when it comes to storage. There might just not be enough space for all of your cooking equipment.

Don’t despair, but be prepared to do some minimizing. The first rule of minimalism in the kitchen is saying goodbye to “uni-taskers” – those kitchen gadgets that only do one thing. That includes things like veggie choppers, most specialized peelers, automatic potato peelers, meat shredders, and plenty of other things that you may have been gifted over the years.

Instead, you want multiuse kitchen tools. A food processor is a great tool to have, but maybe you can make do with a hand blender that won’t take up as much space. It doesn’t hurt to rethink how many pots and pans you really need.

Living in a small apartment can feel homey and comfortable. With the right decoration tips, you don’t have to worry about feeling cramped or cluttered.

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