How to Bring Life to a Cool, California Office

People spend a significant portion of their lives working, about 33% of it. While it is the destiny of many people to work in sterile cubicles with limited window views, those who have the luxury of an actual office should take advantage and design a space that is welcoming and inviting, especially living and working in California. Being a professional designer isn’t even necessary, but hiring Malibu interior designers can’t hurt. No one said work couldn’t feel energetic and cool. Follow some design fundamentals to capture your personality while complementing your workflow and environment.

How to Bring Life to a Cool, California Office

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1. Color

When considering office interior design Los Angeles, choose a color first. However, do not decide lightly. Many people don’t realize how color selection can influence mood and motivation. For example, orange and red encourage excitement and enthusiasm, while blue and purple can lead to calmness or relaxation. You may not want your entire office a solid orange or red, but having accents of colors that influence positive work-related emotions can help change attitude. You may also prefer lighter colors because darker colors can make an office feel smaller than it is.

2. Light

As you may learn in discussions with interior designers Santa Monica, light can contribute to your energy level at work. Sunlight is more effective than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs at keeping people alert and focused. However, not every office will have southern facing windows, which means you will need to look for alternative lighting to stay awake and focused. LED lights with color temperature settings are ideal for mimicking natural daylight, but you can also look for daylight lamps for your desk or over a reading chair. You can find these lamps in many styles to complement your chosen aesthetic.

3. Space and Function

Most people have poor spatial reasoning skills, meaning they may believe their office has more space than it does. Unfortunately, the common misperception of an area leads to large purchases that quickly overtake a space, limiting its function. An office should not feel constricted. You need room to move and think. When designing your floor plan, take accurate measurements, and do not overbuy. A desk, bookcase, and seating are often sufficient for a typical office.

4. Texture

Texture adds a visual and tactile appeal to your office space. While area rugs are an excellent way to bring texture and pattern into your space, they are not the only way. You can use leather elements, like chairs. You can also use wall hangings to add a little personal flair.

5. Greenery

While greenery is beautiful, there are several practical reasons to include plants in your office design. Plants remove air pollutants and improve air quality. Studies have shown they can also reduce the risks of sick building syndrome, which is a condition affecting many office workers, causing headaches and respiratory problems.

With the time people spend in the office, having a personalized space is beneficial to their mental health. If you are lucky enough to have a private office, make it your own by using some suggestions above. If designing your office intimidates you, then reach out to a local interior designer for help.

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