How to Maximize Space & Functionality in Your Small Garage

While most American homes have garages, these spaces are often used for purposes other than parking cars. Garages frequently serve as warehouses, workshops, toy shops, or gardening supply areas. 

Surveys show that a third of garages in the US do not house cars. That’s probably because homeowners want to make the most of the free curbside parking and use their private garages for household storage.

The extra space can be precious, but not everyone has a huge parking zone to house several vehicles. The good thing is that you can optimize the available area with some creative planning and organization tricks. Imagine reorganizing a small garage to house your car and loads of extra stuff you cannot store inside your living space.

Surprisingly, that’s absolutely doable, provided you use some organizational tactics. Here are some tips to maximize your small garage’s space and functionality:

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Assess the Available Space

Two-car garages are the most common in US homes. While it is the standard space you can expect, the size is subjective. Even a two-car space may not be enough if you own two large vehicles and tons of extra stuff for storage. A one-car space inherently qualifies as a small garage, considering the average size is around 240 square feet.

Home organization pros recommend starting a space optimization process by assessing the available area. Be realistic about what you can fit in and plan a decluttering spree in the first place. Remember that your garage is meant to house your car, so this functionality should be on top of your wishlist. For the remaining area, decide how you want to use it and what you need to eliminate to cut the clutter.

Think Vertical

The best piece of advice to maximize space and functionality in a small room is to think vertically. The rule applies to garages with less square footage. You can cover the lack of floor area by utilizing the vertical space on the walls. There are several ways to do it rather than just stacking up boxes beside the walls.

Consider installing shelves to organize your stuff, from gardening supplies to old books, newspapers, and paint boxes. You can even use wall hooks to hang lightweight stuff. This way, you will have more floor area free for heavy items such as old furniture, gardening tools, and gym accessories. Good wall organization also makes small spaces visually appealing.

Replace Your Garage Door

An inappropriate garage door can aggravate the square footage constraints for a small garage. Imagine the space wastage with a huge and heavy door that opens up on the inside. A swap may seem like a big investment, but switching to a roll-up door can be a wise move. You can free up a lot of extra space with this option. Sectional, side-to-the-side, and tilt-up canopy are some other options for small areas.

Atlantic Ocean Group recommends custom garage doors to match the size and style of your house. You can seek advice from installation professionals to get the best option for your needs. The right one can enhance both square footage and functionality. Moreover, it boosts the curb appeal of the property.

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Add Dual Purpose Storage

The average American home has storage issues, often because people have stuff over the years. You cannot give up on buying things altogether, even after adopting a minimalist lifestyle. Smart storage solutions are the key to maximizing available space and functionality everywhere in your home, including your garage.

Consider dual-purpose storage for better results. For example, you can add drawers under a bench for extra storage. You may use the top to change your garden boots or work on your DIY projects. Store your gardening tools or DIY supplies in the drawers underneath. 

Get a Painting, Lighting, and Flooring Upgrade

Did you know that some paint colors can make your garage appear larger? White and light hues create an illusion of space. The same happens when you use glossy paint as it reflects light better than flatter paint. A lighting upgrade is another tip to add to your garage space. Replace a single overhead lighting fixture with multiple smaller lights on the ceiling.

A flooring upgrade with a new coating should be next on your garage remodel project checklist. Look for a coating color complementing the rest of the décor to create an appealing ambiance. A fresh and beautiful garage inspires you to keep it looking that way by avoiding clutter and organizing it regularly. 


A small garage shouldn’t have limited functionality, even if it lacks square footage. You can maximize the available space with vertical solutions and better organization. Keep the area clean and clutter-free to address the constraints. Think long-term and switch to a roll-up garage door to maximize space and convenience. These simple tips can solve your space issues for good.

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