The Many Personalities of Wood Furniture

What images come to mind when you think of wood furniture? Older types of furniture are dark, stolid, and classic. Some people associate wood furniture with the lighter, clean lines, minimalistic, Scandinavian look.

Wood furniture has more personalities than you may think. Let’s explore some of the styles out there. 

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Contemporary, Urban

The leading furniture makers today create pieces that reflect modern sensibilities. True, there’s no rule saying rural people can’t enjoy an urban look, but everyone knows what type of wood furniture is found in country houses, and the contemporary, urban looks are different and newer.

Leaders in this space, like Woodcraft, build dynamic furniture with unique looks, incorporating other materials. Imagine a glass-fronted arched bookcase with dark and light tones, with shelves on the top and drawers on the bottom.

A Waterfall Resin Coffee Table is another standout piece that characterizes the modern aesthetic. Resin tables turn the wood’s flaws into features, as the shiny blue resin epoxy fills in any gaps and cracks in the wood, taking on another character and life of its own.  

Wooden furniture blending with other materials is a classic way to make it look more modern and will give a huge lift to any sky-high condo or house in the city.


Some wood furniture seems to exist almost outside of time. You can imagine such pieces existing decades ago, but they also fit into any current modern décor.

A big, chunky square coffee table has a lot of gravitas and really anchors the space around the couches and chairs where people talk and hang out. You can choose a dark or light colour to change its personality, but the design itself makes it timeless.

Some coffee tables are designed to provide storage, with drawers or multiple levels of shelving. Others don’t have this utilitarian function. Rather, they’re mostly aesthetic-driven. Leading wood furniture builders let you select the type of wood, size, stain, and texture yourself. Still, some pieces, by their very design, are just classic and timeless.

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Traditional wood furniture looks today like it did then. They’ll look great in a contemporary setting, but they tip their hat to past days. Imagine a wood bed with the kind of panelling you see in dignified dining or reception rooms.

The lines are supposed to be a little ornate but understated. It conveys a solid look that reassures the owner and anybody in the space that they’re in a space people from decades ago would have recognized and admired.

Solid bookshelves with a classic touch are perhaps the ultimate form of traditional furniture. Whether you put books on the shelves or display cherished objects is up to you.

Wood is a durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly material. It’s popular in furniture because of the practical benefits, but it fits in with many types of interior décor. Whether you have a country home, waterfront condo, or a house in the suburbs, wooden furniture will fit there perfectly. 

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