Why Flyers Demand Creativity

We’ve all encountered flyers in the past, whether we were handed them while walking on a busy sidewalk or whether we encountered them pinned to a bulletin board at a local cafe.

Adults have probably encountered thousands, if not millions of flyers throughout their lifetimes, but only a fraction of those flyers have been truly effective.

One of the most important distinguishing factors that sets effective flyers apart from ineffective flyers is creativity. If you manage to exercise more creativity, your marketing collateral will work more reliably. 

But why is it that flyers benefits so much from creativity and what can you do to stimulate that creativity?

Why Flyers Demand Creativity

Creative Applications

For starters, creativity can manifest in a number of ways on a flyer.

Imagery. You can be creative in terms of overall imagery, including the photos you select, the illustrations you create, and how everything comes together. Immediately, you can sculpt the visual impact of your flyer and make it more eye catching.

Wording. Creativity is also applied to the wording of your flyer. In most cases, people use these marketing materials to advertise or showcase some important benefit, or some unique value. How you present that idea can have a massive impact on how it’s received.

Printing, folding and shape. If you work with an excellent flyer printing provider, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from, all of which can showcase your creative thinking. Depending on the application, you might choose a different paper stock, a different finish, a different folding, or even a different shape for your flyer.

Distribution. You can also get creative in how you distribute your flyer. Most people hand these out in person, in stacks at local businesses, or through direct mail – but there are many more opportunities as well.

The Value of Creativity for Flyers

Why is creativity such a powerful thing for creating and distributing flyers?

Attention grabbing potential. Remember, the average adult has seen thousands of flyers in the past. They’re used to the conventional wording and formatting choices for this marketing material.

Your flyer is only going to be effective if it’s able to grab the attention of people seeing it for the first time, which means you need to find some way to distinguish yourself.

More creative designs are more likely to stand out, immediately making your flyer more visible and more likely to be thoroughly reviewed.

Competitive differentiation. Business owners understand the importance of competitive differentiation. If you and one of your top competitors each have a very similar flyer, customers won’t be especially moved to choose either one of you over the other.

But if you have a much more creative flyer than your top competitor, you’re going to have a significant edge.

A lasting return. Flyer design is a potentially lucrative investment in your business’s future. You can keep printing this design indefinitely, or use it as a jumping off point for the next design; either way, once you have something creative in place, it will continue returning value to your organization for months, if not years.

How to Be More Creative in Flyer Design

So what steps can you take to be more creative in designing your flyers?

Know what you’re up against. Before you start brainstorming different creative designs, understand what you’re up against. What are your other competitors doing?

Have they used flyers in the past, and if so, what design and copywriting techniques did they use in creating those materials? This should help you distinguish yourself and find something different to do.

Conduct ample market research. Don’t skimp on market research. The better you understand your target demographics, the better you’ll be able to appeal to them directly. You can do something truly original that you know your audience is going to like – assuming you thoroughly understand their preferences and behavioral patterns.

Combine ideas. If you’re struggling to come up with uniquely creative concepts, consider combining different ideas. Is there a way to combine the abstract concept of your product with some other abstract concept? Can you include imagery from some popular trend to make your product imagery stand out and resonate more?

Allow more participation. You can also expand your creative potential by allowing more participation within your organization. Everyone can be a marketer if they’re willing to exercise creativity; consider having more group brainstorming sessions and be willing to consider a wide range of different ideas.

After testing those ideas in a live environment, you’ll have much more dynamic material you can consider for your flyers.

You don’t need to have a background in art, nor do you have to be creatively successful in other endeavors to exercise creativity when designing flyers for your business.

Instead, even small doses of creative inspiration are likely enough to elevate the results of your next marketing campaign.

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