Water Pressure Cleaner vs Power Washer: Which is Right for You?

A pressure washer is a machine that uses high pressure water distributed through a hose that cleans a variety of surfaces. Owing to the fact that the pressure is so high, grease, dirt and stains are removed effectively while applying the spray over these surfaces. 

When it comes to cleaning grimy surfaces, you may be wondering which type of pressure washer would be ideal for you. This certainly depends on what you would like to use a pressure washer for. Below we will take a look at 10 key differences that will help you choose the correct pressure washer for your everyday needs. 

Water Pressure Cleaner vs Power Washer: Which is Right for You?

Water Pressure Cleaner vs High Pressure Cleaner

1. Pressure

Water pressure cleaners operate at a pressure of between 1300 and 3000 PSI, while power washers, also known as high pressure cleaners, can generate up to 4000 PSI. The large difference in pressure must be considered when purchasing either of the two. 

2. Cleaning Capacity

High pressure cleaners are more effective in cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, such as concrete, industrial surfaces, where your water pressure cleaners are used for things such as washing your car

3. Maintenance

Water pressure cleaners are generally easier to use and less expensive to maintain than high pressure cleaners. High pressure cleaners are more effective when used for heavy-duty tasks. 

4. Size and weight 

High pressure cleaners are often heavier than water pressure cleaners, which may cause an inconvenience when trying to move or store them. Water pressure cleaners tend to be lighter and easier to carry around while cleaning.  

5. Cost

Water pressure cleaners typically cost less than high pressure cleaners. High pressure cleaners are more expensive because they are used more for businesses.

6. Ease of use

Water pressure cleaners are typically easier to use for beginners, whereas high pressure cleaners are for more experienced workers requiring a heavy-duty washer. 

7. Noise level

High pressure cleaners are noisier than water pressure cleaners, due to the fact that they typically exert more pressure. 

8. Environment impact

Water pressure cleaners use a lot less water than high pressure cleaners, making them environment friendly. They use cold water and do not require harsh chemicals, like your high pressure washer. 

9. Water temperature

High pressure cleaners use hot water to effectively remove dirt, whereas water pressure cleaners rely on cold water and pressure to get the job done. 

10. Safety

High pressure washers can be more dangerous because they use hot water and the pressure is considerably higher than that of a water pressure cleaner. Both are dangerous, however, if not used correctly. 

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Why should I buy a pressure washer?

Purchasing a pressure washer is not only beneficial to those wanting to clean surfaces and vehicles at home, they are of great use to companies that require heavy-duty cleaning. From stripping paint, to cleaning surfaces such as cement paving, patios, vehicles, boats, engines, roofs, railings and many more, pressure washers are considered the perfect tool to get rid of stubborn grease and dirt. 

Using a pressure washer also saves you time. Having to use a scrubbing brush to remove dirt will take you hours, whereas pressure washers take minutes to clean stubborn dirt, depending on the area of the surface. 

Pressure washers are environmentally friendly, using less water than a bucket having to be refilled each time. They also do not necessarily require harsh chemicals to remove stains from surfaces. 

Where can I buy it?

ExpertEasy has some really useful guides and have taken the time to ask customers for reviews on each product. There you will find a useful guide and more extensive information on pressure washers. Feel free to check out their website and have a look for yourself. 

Wrapping up!

Whether you choose to purchase a high pressure cleaner, or a water pressure cleaner, the choice would depend on your required purpose for buying one. 

Water pressure cleaners are your more affordable, easy-to-use option. For light duty tasks that need to be done, purchasing a water pressure cleaner would ultimately save you time, money, and be a great investment for the future. 

High pressure cleaners may be slightly more expensive than water pressure cleaners, but investing in a high pressure cleaner will prove cost-effective in the long run for your business. Why, you may ask? Having your surfaces and essentials high pressure cleaned on a regular basis is an effective method to maintain the quality of your items, surfaces, etc. 

Always be sure to read the instructor’s manual before using your newly purchased pressure washer, thus avoiding risk of injury to yourself, others and property/items you would rather see clean than damaged. 

That’s it for now, and may your cleaning be hassle-free from now on!

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