4 Exterior Home Renovations that will Increase Your House’s Curb Appeal

Having a house stuck on the market for weeks or months can be a challenge at times, especially when you thought it would be a quick sale. In some cases, your house may not be getting the interest you expected, or people aren’t willing to give you the price you’re asking for it. However, there are times when your house’s appearance may be off-putting or too generic and this might be why people are less than enthused by it. Thankfully, there are a few things everyone can do to enhance the overall look of their house and get buyers. Here are a few of them.

Exterior Home Renovations that will Increase Your House’s Curb Appeal-min

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Get some New Siding

Repairing or redoing your siding altogether can not only add to your home’s curb appeal, but it could be a great way to increase the value of your home to buyers. Buyers love anything that looks new on the exterior, and a siding that looks like its old or damaged might be a sign that there could be other issues with the house.

With new siding, you’ll recoup most or all of your investment on the back end, and your house will look much more attractive. If you live in Minneapolis, Minneapolis home remodeling – Treasured Spaces Inc can help you either repair or replace your siding and will offer multiple options you can choose from.

Repaint or Replace the Front Door

People often neglect this, but an attractive door that stands out will make a difference. This will be the last impression they will get before they get in the house and the visual impact of the door can influence how they view your home. Going for a nice antique door and changing the handles could make your house look more luxurious. Add a new matching mailbox and modern house numbers will make the front of the house pop even more. Also, make sure that you frame the front door with greenery if you can.

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Take Care of that Porch

The way your porch looks will also leave a major impression on your house in general. If the porch is decaying or the railing is chipping away, then this will put off a lot of prospective buyers. Install some flower pots. Fix, repaint or redo the porch if the damage is too extensive. This is another low-cost investment that could make a huge difference in how fast you sell your house.

Clean the Gutters

This is another small detail, but dirty gutters can leave a very bad impression, and if an owner doesn’t at least take the time to keep their gutter cleaning, there’s no telling how much they’ve neglected other parts of the house. Just a power wash could be enough to keep the exteriors clean if you’re in a pinch, but a thorough cleaning of the gutters would be even better in that case.


Increasing your home’s curb appeal can be done by making a few minor adjustments. Above all else, try to fix anything that could hint at any signs of neglect and make sure that your house looks as presentable as possible inside and out.

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