5 Easy Ways to Prevent Dust in Your Room

Living in a dusty room is not only unpleasant but also leads to health issues. According to a study, people living or working in a dusty environment are most likely to develop respiratory illnesses over time. 

But since dust is such a pesky, reoccurring thing, it’s hard to keep your room free from it all the time. However, there are some easy ways to prevent dust from accumulating in the first place. 

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Dust in Your Room

How to Prevent Dust From Entering the Room

It’s easier to prevent dust from entering the room than get rid of it. Here’s how:

Close Windows and Doors 

Hate dust? Then don’t let any of those annoying particles enter your house. You can do this by closing any windows and doors that tend to stay open throughout the day. 

No, we’re not asking you to make your room suffocating – everyone needs fresh air. However, once you feel like you’ve got enough of it, shut the windows and doors all the way and go back to using your central cooling and heating system. 

Keeping your room as airtight as possible is a surefire to prevent dust from accumulating. 

Remove Shoes 

Most households allow family members to come inside the house with their shoes on. This is how half of the dust, dirt, and pathogens enter the house. So if you’re particularly against dust or have any allergies, you may have to enforce new rules and make some changes. 

First off, lay a doormat at the entrance where everyone can wipe the soles of their shoes before stepping inside. This will get rid of excess dust, mud, or dirt. 

Second, ban shoes inside the house and ask everyone to take them off at the entrance. You can buy a shoe rack to stack up the shoes near the front door and get everyone a pair of slippers to wear inside the house.


One of the best ways to reduce dust in your room is to get rid of unnecessary stuff. The more things you’ve got lying around your room, the more surface area there is for the dust to settle on. This includes books, toys, towels, clothes, etc.

Moreover, people often ignore these small things while dusting their room, which leaves behind dust particles even after you’re done cleaning.

So try to make sure that everything is stuffed inside drawers, and all your clothes are hung up in the closet. 

Use an Air Purifier 

prvent dust Use an Air Purifier

Even after all those precautions, some dust will always find its way inside your room. Hence, it’s a good idea to invest in an air purifier for your room (which is usually portable and affordable). 

These devices can effectively remove dust and other allergens by sucking in the air and blowing out clean, fresh air. Just make sure you’re getting an air purifier with a HEPA filter to capture the maximum amount of particles. 

Choosing the right filter can be tricky, but Filter King Air Filters is here to help! They have a wide variety of filters for all your needs. The air you breathe in should never hurt or bother your throat and lungs. You’ll even find some with odor control so no one has to deal with smelly odors ever again

Pro tip: regularly clean exhaust fans and change filters in your HVAC as an added defense.  

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Remove the Carpet 

Is your room carpeted? If so, you’re probably living in the middle of huge herds of dust. This is because carpets have thousands of fibers that grab onto dust and dirt, causing allergies and creating an unhealthy breathing environment in general. 

Even if you vacuum regularly, dust can settle into the padding below the carpet and trigger allergies in sensitive individuals. 

So, we suggest removing the carpet in your room and settling for a wooden or laminate floor. This will not only reduce dust but also prove very easy to clean.

For deep carpet cleaning, you can also get in touch with A to Z Carpet Cleaning Company who will not only assist in getting rid Of dust and stains but also provide tips and tricks to ensure its longevity.


Getting rid of fabric and the extra stuff lying around your room can prevent dust accumulation to a great extent. But to fix the root cause of the problem, make sure your HVAC has clean filters, and you’re not letting in any dust from windows and doors. 

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