5 Ways to Block Light From your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

Are you one of those people who struggles to get a good night’s sleep? Why is that? It could be because of the light coming into your bedroom from the windows. Even a small amount of light can disrupt your sleep pattern and keep you from getting the quality rest you need.

While things like unwanted noise can also be a contributory factor to disturbed sleep, there is no doubt that the presence of light in any room is the main reason people find it difficult to get to sleep. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to block out that light! Listed below are a few tips on how you can make that bedroom a dark restful space.

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Completely Blackout Your Windows With Made to Measure Blackout Blinds

If you’re looking for a way to block out light from your bedroom, consider installing made to measure blackout blinds in Stirling or wherever you live. They’re the perfect way to completely blackout your windows and create a dark, relaxing environment for sleep. Contrary to popular opinion, blackout blinds don’t just come in black, they’re available in a variety of styles and colours, so you can find the perfect one for your room.

Blackout Blinds are specially designed to prevent any light from passing through, so they’re perfect for people who want a dark environment for sleep. Blackout blinds are also useful for people looking to sleep during the day such as night-shift workers or maybe toddlers needing an afternoon nap. 

Lined Curtains 

Lined curtains are a great way to block light from your bedroom windows. Not only do they provide privacy, but they also help keep the room dark and cool during the summer months. Lined curtains can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, linen and silk. They are also available in a variety of colours and styles to match any decor.

Get rid of all Internal Bedroom Light 

If you want a more permanent fix, consider installing window shades or film. Not only will this create a dark and relaxing environment, but it can also improve your overall health. It’s a proven fact that regular and undisturbed sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle as permanently feeling tired and listless will affect your quality of life. So, if you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, start by eliminating any internal bedroom light.

Turn Off or Move Your Mobile Phone 

There are many distractions that can keep us from getting a good night’s sleep. One of the most common is the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones. The light and notifications from these devices can keep us awake long into the night. To get the best sleep possible, it’s important to turn off your mobile phone or at least move it to another room.

Wear an Eye Mask 

If you find that light is keeping you awake at night, wearing an eye mask can be a great way to block it out. There are a variety of eye masks available on the market, so you can choose one that fits your needs and preferences. Some masks are made from fabric, while others are made from foam or plastic. If you’re looking for a more luxurious option, you can also find eye masks that are lined with feathers or silk.

It’s important to be mindful of the light in your bedroom. The amount and type can create a huge difference when it comes to getting quality sleep every night. You have many options available, so take some time today to experiment with different ways that help block out unwanted light. If all else fails, try wearing an eye mask or turning off your mobile phone before bed. You’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

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