8 Key Home Remodeling Tips to Transform Your Small Home on a Budget

Have you ever considered transforming your small home’s look (without breaking the bank)? All too often, finding the right options to add a little new charm to your property can seem tough, but we don’t think this should have to be the case – and the following eight home remodeling tips could really help.

So, with this thought in mind, we’ve outlined some of the most critical things you need to know about remodeling your home as follows to help give your property a new lease on life.

What to Consider When You Decide to Remodel Your Home

8 Amazing Home Remodeling Tips to Help Transform Your Small Home

Your small home can often feel cramped in many cases. However, plenty of amazing options can help you remodel your house and give it a new look without the hassle (or expense). In line with this, today, we’re looking at some of the key things you should know to help inform your own house remodeling efforts.

#1 Start with the Lighting

One of the first things you’ll likely want to consider when remodeling your home is the lighting. Indeed, good lighting can make or break a property, and keeping this in mind could allow you to refresh the look of your home without too much hassle.

It’s important to note here that good lighting can show your property in a new light, helping highlight key areas of interest while obscuring places you don’t necessarily want people to focus on. The right lighting can also make your home feel substantially warmer and more welcoming, making a significant difference without much work.

As part of highlighting key areas of interest in your home, investing in additional lighting fixtures can also offer a quick and stylish way to draw attention and brighten the space. Fairy lights and the like are highly popular for adding a little extra magic to a room, for example.

#2 Repaint the Area

Another key factor you could keep in mind to help transform your small home is simple: add a fresh lick of paint to the walls to help change the entire look. However, if you have been looking to take this step, make sure you consider carefully the existing layout of your property to help you find a look that will tie in comfortably with the furnishings you have in place. 

Your choice of paint should ideally complement the existing furniture, although if this seems a little difficult to pull off, you could opt for throw covers and the like to try and help things tie in.

If you’re not sure about which color of paint to choose, a neutral color – such as white, cream, beige, or grey – will often complement most other designs. 

#3 Use Rugs, Throws, and Cushions Carefully

We’ve already mentioned the idea of using throws to help your furnishings tie in with the new paint color – but did you know that this can also be an excellent step to refresh and revitalize your small home in its own right? Indeed, while many people overlook the value of this simple action, investing in some new rugs, throws, and cushions can wildly change the look of a space – even if it doesn’t seem like doing so should make much difference.

#4 Invest in Paintings and Wall Decorations

Along a similar line of thought as buying new throws and the like, investing in wall paintings and decorations can also make a surprisingly significant difference in terms of the feel of small houses. In fact, this is perhaps especially prominent for a small home since these can take up a larger proportion of space in the property.

Of course, an important point of note here is that everyone’s preference in terms of décor will vary. So, try to choose paintings and decorations that adhere to your small house’s general themes and make you feel good at home. 

#5 Rearrange the Furniture

Another simple step you could potentially take to help refresh your small house is to rearrange the furniture. Indeed, in properties of limited floor space especially, rearranging the furniture can make the area feel like an entirely new home – and critically, this also doesn’t need any new investment, just a little time to come up with a plan and juggle everything around!

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#6 Increase the Feeling of Space Through Mirrors and Reflective Panel

One of the biggest challenges people experience when living in small homes is that the areas tend to feel cramped, enclosed, and potentially even claustrophobic. In line with this, if you have been looking for a way to make the area more spacious in terms of comfort, investing in mirrors can really help.

Mirrors are one of the most well-known illusions for creating space in a property, and this is even true in small properties. Try to go for larger mirrors to get the most from this simple illusion, and try to pair this with white or light-colored walls and furnishings to further enhance the feeling of spaciousness. 

#7 Invest in Shelving

Storage space is one of the biggest challenges with small homes. However, shelving – especially artistically inspired shelves – can be excellent for creating additional storage. Since shelves can be created on disused walls of your small property, you can effectively create more space in the house.

#8 Create More Space Outdoors

As a final tip, it’s well worth keeping in mind as part of your property refreshing efforts that taking advantage of the outdoor space can be incredibly effective, too. Indeed, just because your house is small doesn’t mean you need to be limited. Taking some of your items outside –cooking with an outdoor barbecue in the summer – is often a simple way to ensure you’re making the most of every bit of space.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to do the remodel work yourself with DIY tools or if you get professional support from an expert team of Durham house remodelers, there are plenty of excellent options that you could consider. As such, keeping today’s tips in mind could offer the ideal opportunity to help with remodeling your home successfully.

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