The Advantages of Installing Clotheslines


There are many benefits to drying clothes on an old-fashioned clothesline. It can save energy and money. It extends the life of your clothes. It gives your apparel a fresher look. It is good for the environment, especially in your retirement village homes.

Right now, many societies are focusing on conservation and adopting eco-friendly solutions to daily problems. Drying clothes on a clothesline fits perfectly into this approach. It costs practically nothing, it is easy to implement, and it reduces our consumption of energy.

The Advantages of Installing Clotheslines


During the hot summer months, temperatures can shoot up both outdoors and inside the house. There is probably more usage of air conditioning. When you dry your clothes using your dryer, whether it runs on electricity or gas, you make the inside of your house even hotter, thus leading to more usage of your air conditioning.

Not only that, but whenever you use your clothes dryer, you are wasting a lot of energy. Compare that to drying clothes outside that are hung on a clothesline. You can let the warm, soft breeze and the sun’s natural heat dry your clothes. The latter method costs nothing in terms of money or energy usage.

When the air conditioning is on, and you run your clothes dryer, you place additional strain on the energy grid. It is not uncommon that this strain can lead to a power outage. Energy overloads on the grid are quite common during the summer.

In contrast, drying clothes on a clothesline from Aussie Clotheslines & Letterboxes adds no risk to straining the power grid. No electricity is consumed. The natural sun and wind provide the means of drying your clothes. You do your part in not consuming energy when it is not necessary. You contribute to preserving the environment.

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Drying clothes on a clothesline uses no energy that is not renewable. That means consumers do not have to pay for energy usage when drying clothes. They just have to hang up their garments on the line and let the sun and wind do their magic. This is a very easy solution for reducing energy usage and cutting energy costs. You do not have to power up a large appliance to dry your clothes. No wattage is wasted.

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Not only is line-drying good for the environment, but it is good for your clothes, too. Air-drying allows your clothes to retain their natural shape when they are hung on the line properly. Machine-drying can often result in pilling on some fabrics. Pilling is not a good sign for fibers because it shortens the life of the piece of clothing. It also produces a lot of static on the clothes. When you line-dry, you do not have these problems.

Another benefit of drying clothes out in the sun is that the sun has a natural bleach that can remove stains and make your whites even whiter and brighter. The sun’s rays kill dust mites and bacteria. On the other hand, drying clothes in the dryer can set a stain, making it virtually impossible to take out.

You can find clotheslines in many styles. The umbrella style is quite popular, and it allows your clothes to dry nicely in a warm summer breeze. There is a crispness to your articles of clothing that can only come from line-drying under the sun. You can smell the outdoor freshness in your line-dried linens. When you sleep, the fresh, clean scent can soothe you into a cozy night’s sleep as you dream about the fresh outdoors and summer breezes.

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