What Are the Benefits of Installing an Electric Hot Water Heater?

Did you know that water heaters have been warming our showers since 1868? It’s true! With that being said, the water heater has undergone vast improvements since its invention!

This brings us to the electric water heater. The electric water heater is the latest revolution, and we are going to tell you why you need one in your home right now!

Let’s take a look at the benefits! 

What Are the Benefits of Installing an Electric Hot Water Heater

What Is an Electric Hot Water Heater? 

An electric water heater uses a warming element to heat the water inside the holding tank. Electric water heaters use electricity rather than gas or propane to heat the water in the tank. There are three primary types of electric water heaters including:

  • Standard Tanks 
  • High-Efficiency Tanks
  • Hybrid Tanks

Electric hot water heaters are much more efficient than gas water heaters. Electric water heaters produce on-demand hot water the same way as traditional heaters; however, it can take a little longer for the hot water recovery time. Check out KMS Services to learn more!

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Energy Consumption 

Gas hot water heaters have an EF rating of 0.5-0.7, and electric water heaters have an EF rating of 0.9 or higher. This is because gas hot water heaters use extra energy during the venting process, and electric hot water heaters do not need to expend energy on venting. 


Generally, gas water heaters are safe. With that being said, any appliance that relies on the fuel for power is at risk of a gas leak, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. Electric water heaters rely solely on electricity for energy, so there is no risk of a leak, and the risk of an electrical failure is shallow. 


The initial cost of the electric water heater is less than that of a gas water heater. Additionally, you don’t have to purchase fuel with electric heaters because the tank runs off of your electricity. In some cases, solar panels are used to power electric water heaters, making them even more affordable. 

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Available Resources 

As we said, electric heaters tie in directly to your electricity in the home, so as long as you have the power, you can be guaranteed a hot shower! However, gas water heaters require a gas line in the home, which not every property has available. If the home does not have a natural gas line or readily available propane, the cost can be high. 

Choosing an Electric Hot Water Heater 

An electric water heater offers you on-demand hot water with plenty of benefits! So, keep these advantages in mind while you look for your new water heater. 

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  1. It’s great that you talked about how the initial cost of the electric water heater is less than that of a gas water heater. Our house construction is close to being done and it seems we only need to put some finishing touches like a water heater. We should probably call for water heater installation services since they are the ones who has the expertise in this type of work.

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