Benefits of Updating Your Garage Door

Many homeowners are looking for simple, affordable, and worthwhile tweaks they can use to improve their home’s safety, feel, kerb appeal, resale value, functionality, and efficiency.

There are lots of home improvement ideas like kitchen and bathroom upgrades offered by experts. However, these projects can shoot beyond your budget or take a long time to complete.

There’s one home feature you can upgrade to achieve this quest- that’s your garage door.

When you come and leave your home daily, you might not think of upgrading your garage door as long as it functions well. What you might not notice is, like cringe-worthy fashion, your old garage door hurts your home’s kerb appeal.

Upgrading your garage door is like punching the ‘refresh’ button on your home, whilst still getting to achieve your home improvement goals.

7 Benefits of Updating Your Garage Door

5 Key Ways to Make Your Garage Door Stand Out

In this article, you’ll discover some of the benefits of upgrading your garage door. Let’s get right into it!

Enhanced Home Security

Your garage door is one of the entry points burglars target. They know they’ll almost likely find expensive tools, equipment, bikes, or vehicles in a garage.

They might even gain access into your home via the garage plus it’s a blind spot that protects burglars from the glare of neighbours.

Everyone has the right to feel safe when at home or gain peace of mind when away from home.

Old and ageing garage doors are easily compromised by experienced burglars using cheap tools. Old garage doors operate on fixed codes which can be cracked easily, and ageing doors might not lock firmly.

Upgrading your garage door raises the security of your home, especially considering the latest garage doors are fitted with smart security systems like automatic lights, cameras, openers and locking.

New garage doors operate on rolling codes rather than fixed codes that generate random codes every time you open and close it, and lock firmly.

Plus new garage doors are made with metals that are insulated, rather than wood or metal with no insulation that is easy to break in.

Better Kerb Appeal

Your garage door’s colour, style, and condition have a large impact on your home’s kerb appeal. It sometimes takes up to one-third of the front view of your home.

Simple tweaks like repainting your garage door can make your home’s appearance from the front better.

This increases the perceived value of your home and projects you as a property owner who cares for the property.

Modern doors come in a range of styles, finishes and colours to choose from. You’ll always get something that modernises your home’s look and complements your home.

Reduced Maintenance and Repair Costs

Most times, old garage doors demand constant repairs and maintenance work so it functions well. This sometimes demands you set aside money and time which can be on the high side.

It’s estimated that garage doors open and close an average of 1500 times a year. Old garage doors will need lots of maintenance work and repairs to cope with this level of usage.

Issues like track misalignment, bending rails, and gaps between rollers and rails become a regular occurrence, and aside from the cost and time of fixing, it stresses you out.

When you upgrade your garage door, you only need to undertake maintenance works like washing with soap and water. Even scraping off spalling paints and repairing becomes an occasional task.

Increased Home Value

One of the few factors within your control that impacts your home’s value is appearance.

Upgrading your garage door increases your home’s market value because it improves your home’s overall appearance. This creates a good first impression when potential buyers approach your home.

When potential buyers view your home as valuable, you have a greater chance of selling your home faster and getting a good deal.

It’s a project you can embark on and finish in less than a day compared to other renovation projects.

Better Energy Efficiency

With rising utility costs, upgrading your garage door can help to increase the energy efficiency in your home, leading to lowered electricity bills.

New garage doors are equipped with multi-layer insulation to help regulate temperature which reduces the pressure on your HVAC system.

Old garage doors on the other hand lack this insulation allowing unwanted heat or cold to enter your home, especially areas directly above it. This then puts more pressure on the HVAC system and pushes energy costs up.

Asides from new garage doors creating a sealed air-tight environment, the door openers of recent models consume little energy, so they don’t impact your bills significantly.

Low Accident Risk

Garage doors weigh over a hundred pounds, and such a heavy weight coming down on a person, or a vehicle will cause serious damage.

New garage doors come with advanced systems that send the door back up once it senses an obstruction.

Non-contact photo eye sensors for instance project a beam to the bottom of the door to detect any object beneath the door. When it detects any object underneath, it auto-reverses.

There are also options like backup batteries and motion detectors which makes it a worthwhile investment.

Moreover, the openers of new garage doors are more reliable compared to older garage doors whose openers have the potential of breaking down often.

Convenience Due To Smooth Operations

New garage doors offer you the convenience to make life hassle-free for you.

You enjoy ultra-quiet operation, and the whole neighbourhood doesn’t have to know that you are opening your garage door. 

If updating your garage door is an option on the table for you, Chase Garage Doors can help you with it, so you get great returns on your investment. They have been supplying garage doors in Wolverhampton and beyond for many years and will be able to offer you the expertise to purchase the perfect model.

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