Best Home Improvements to Do Yourself on a Free Weekend

Not all home improvements can be completed on a free weekend. Some are more extensive, and given how busy most people are during the week, they tend to drag on and on. This creates considerable inconvenience. For that reason, if you want to get started making repairs or improvements to your home, we’d suggest picking smaller tasks that are completable over a single weekend.

Here are some ideas for some improvements to do in your spare time.

Replacing the Old Fencing

replacing old fencing

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Old fencing that keeps needing to be propped up because it’s falling down due to age should be replaced. The same can be fairly said for wooden fencing that’s been slowly eaten away by insects, rot or just the weather elements over the years.

Vinyl fencing from Nationwide Fence Supply is a higher quality product. It’s thick enough to retain its strength once in use. The load-bearing supports that the company uses to put and keep the fencing in place are good quality to ensure the fencing won’t fall down when the wind picks up. Being made from PVC, vinyl also withstands a fair amount of impact without getting damaged.

Fixing the Plumbing

If you’re having problems with blocked sinks and toilets that won’t flush right, then let’s get stuck in to fixing that and avoid the expense of a plumber.

Should you have a toilet in the home that keeps getting blocked up, let’s move beyond the toilet plunger. Another way to go is to heat up some water mixed with dishwasher liquid in the toilet basin to create a reaction. As this video demonstrates by an enthusiastic Aussie, the cleaning solution works through blockages and loosens them up in the pipe. In about half an hour, the problem is usually fixed.

If the kitchen sink also tends to get a bit clogged up too, then try some kitchen sink granules that dissolves the blockage quickly for you. You can pick these up at a hardware store. For minor repeating sink blockages, it saves needing a plumber to empty out the pipes beneath.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Beyond the usual cleaning routine in the bathroom, what often gets forgotten is sorting out the grout in between the bathroom tiles. It starts out as a pleasant white color but quickly turns grey as it picks up dirt from used bathroom water.

One approach is to use toothpaste and a spare toothbrush to clean the grout manually. Another way is to use white vinegar and baking soda mixture that is added to a spray bottle and applied on the grout. A wire brush is applied to the area until the grout comes up white again. You might want to wear a face mask while you’re doing this and kneel on a soft towel to avoid scuffing your knees too.

Re-sealing the Windows

No windows last forever. While the double glazing keeps warm air inside, the frames around them are the real point of vulnerability. Check the windows for air leaks. Older windows can develop leakage around the window frames especially. By cleaning the frame area and applying calking to re-seal the space, the air is blocked off. This will reduce your heating costs on colder days as less heat is being lost.

Once you’ve completed all the weekend-ready improvements, then consider the others that will take longer. Also, only tackle one at a time to not get overwhelmed.

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