Can Flat Roofs Have Skylights

 Skylights rooftops or windows are a great source of providing rooms with natural sunlight. Apart from enhancing your home’s aesthetics, such rooftops are quite the demand these days. It gives your roof a unique look which makes it different from the other roofs and increases its value. In this article we’ll be discussing what a skylight roof is, the difference with TPO, and what factors you need to consider before installing it, and why you should have it installed on your roof.

What is a skylight?

A skylight is a light-permitting structure, made of transparent or translucent glass and is installed on the roof of your house. You can think of it as a window that is installed on your roof. 

Can Flat Roofs Have Skylights

Steps to consider before installing a skylight in your house:

There are certain things that you should keep in mind before installing a skylight window in your home.

  • Glass is better than acrylic:

When you have to choose between glass and acrylic, you should always go with glass. Acrylic starts to become yellow with time and becomes faded. Also, it leaves a spot after the rain and doesn’t provide you with the same transparency as glass.

  • The difference in ceilings:

Every ceiling is different so it will affect the way skylight is installed. We would recommend you to contact a reputable contractor and make sure that after installation there is no leakage. 

There are mainly three factors that affect the installation process.

  • Model of the skylight.
  • Number of the skylights.
  • The type of ceiling.

Skylights can be installed on flat ceilings:

It’s a common myth that skylights cannot be installed on a flat roof. Although, the procedure that contractors follow is different it can still be installed on flat roofs. For this, the contractor will need to install a light shaft in your attic. To come to the second skylight, the light will first pass through the light shaft. The inside of your light shaft is painted with the same color as your ceiling so that light reaches properly. 

Flat Roofs Have Skylights

Installation time: 

The installation can take from half to three days. It all depends on the kind of roof and the number of skylights that you are going to install. If you are going have them installed on flat roofs with a light shaft, then it will take some time. Sometimes weather conditions also delay the process of installation. 

Don’t do this on your own:

Unless you are an expert and have experience in installing skylights, we would recommend you not try to installing them on your own. You should always hire a professional contractor for this so that your roof doesn’t leak with the first rain.

Positioning your skylight:

You should position your skylight in a way so that your home doesn’t become an oven. You should position them to the north or east. You can also go for blinds to cover them during the hottest time of the day.

Reasons to install a skylight:

There are many reasons why you should be installing a skylight on your roof. It is not another window that is being installed on your roof rather there is more to it. Following are some reasons why you should consider installing skylights on your roof.

  • Natural light:

As we’ve discussed earlier, natural light is a great blessing that directly impacts your mood. It also helps to make your house look spacious and aesthetically pleasing. As skylights focus light on a specific area, they define the space and give it a beautiful look.

  • Ventilation benefits:

Another benefit of installing a skylight can be ventilation which can help in removing hot air. If you install a remote control skylight, you can have many benefits. If installed in washrooms, it can be used to remove moisture. Similarly, if it is installed in the kitchen, it can be used to remove odor and can serve as a substitute for exhaust fans.

  • Energy-saving: 

Skylights can save you a lot of electricity bills. With them installed, you don’t need much electricity light. They also help to keep the house warm during winters and release hot air during summers so you don’t have to use air-conditioning.

  • Skylights fitted to your needs:

Skylights come in different sizes, so you can install them according to your taste and what best suits you. They provide you with a natural light that enhances the details of your room or corridor. You can install them at places where windows cannot be installed for natural light.

  • Increase the resale value of your home:

If you are considering selling your house, having skylights will increase the value of your house. It gives a natural light to your house and with these new energy-efficient models you can sell your house effectively. 

  • Health benefits:

Natural sunlight has many benefits. It can help you elevate your mood. Exposure to sunlight helps your body become alert and produce vitamin D. it improves your immune system, circulation, and also helps ward off mold and fungus growth in your house. 

  • Maintaining privacy:

Windows can compromise your privacy but having skylights can improve this. You don’t have to sacrifice natural light in any area of your house because you cannot install windows there. 

Cons of not installing skylights properly:

  • There can be many cons to not installing it properly. The first is that if you purchase equipment that has no warranty and is of poor quality. The equipment will not last for long and can incur more costs. 
  • You should properly consult where you want to position your skylight because you don’t want direct sunlight. Always hire a professional to install your skylight and avoid any kind of experimentation.  
  • Sometimes the installation is not according to your expectations which can lead to increased heat in your home during summers. 


You can go with the option of installing skylights if you like them and want to give your house an aesthetic look. Beside making your house look good, it will provide you with natural sunlight and health benefits. Before installing them, consider consulting with a professional contractor regarding how you want to position them and what material you want to choose. 

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