Roof Maintenance Advice For The New Homeowner 2023

If you and your partner have just signed on the dotted line and are now proud owners of your very first home, you are to be congratulated. Getting this far has obviously been tough and now that you own the roof over your head, building maintenance is an essential aspect of real estate ownership. One of the top priorities should be your roof which plays a major role in protecting you and your family. 

5 Reasons To Have Your Roof Inspected For Hail Damage

Here are a few tips for the novice homeowner regarding roof repairs and maintenance.

Guttering & Downpipes

The guttering channels rainwater to the downpipes, where it runs away naturally and anything that impedes this flow would result in rainwater running down the exterior walls. If you contact Sydney roofing specialists or one from your local area, they can carry out a detailed inspection of your roof and clean out the guttering while they are there. This is especially pertinent if there are trees overhanging the roof, as wet leaves are great for causing blockages.

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Checking The Integrity Of The Roof

If all roof tiles are seated correctly, the roof should not be compromised, if, on the other hand, there are a few missing tiles, this could lead to internal roof damage. Rafters and joists are generally made of wood and water will rot timber. Your local roofer can check for missing or broken tiles when he carries out a roof inspection, which doesn’t cost much and brings you peace of mind.

Fascia & Soffit

The fascia and soffit boards provide essential protection for the lower roofline and as they are made of wood, decay is always a possibility. If the boards need a coat of paint, this should be done quickly and prior to the winter, if at all possible. Newly painted boards will also boost your home’s frontal view. A roof inspection would include checking the fascia and soffit boards and this should be done every year. 

Working At Height

If you are not used to working on a ladder or raised platform, it might be best to call in a local roofer and let him carry out any minor repairs that might be needed. Many people injure themselves when trying to fix a roof issue, especially in wet conditions and unless you are very competent working at height, you should leave any roof work to a roofer. Wet and windy conditions can easily lead to a slip, especially if you’re not familiar with working at height. With a local roofer, you can be sure that your roof is always in good shape.

Install Eco-Friendly Smart Roof Bird Deterrents  

Did you know that birds can cause undue damage to all types of roofs? They appear harmless, but their droppings are destructive. Because bird droppings are highly acidic, they damage roofing materials, particularly asphalt shingles and other tar-based roofing systems, causing leaks and repair-prone problems. Also, bird dropping can wreak havoc on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. 

Many homeowners install metal mesh covers on vents and use spikes, wires, and predator-style deterrents to keep birds away from their roofs. However, using them can’t guarantee effectiveness in removing birds and their harmful droppings. In addition, installing them by yourself can compromise your safety when climbing on the roof. That’s when smart roof deterrents come into play. 

All birds are equipped with a natural internal tracking system they use to navigate in different places. A smart bird abatement solution can help influence birds’ internal GPS to get rid of them in your roof without using traps, poisons, or chemicals, making it eco-friendly. 

Instead, it uses electromagnetism, which acts as a barrier. This barrier is invisible to humans but appears as fireworks for birds around their target landing zones, deterring them from landing on the roof’s surface. That way, you can preserve your roof’s structural integrity and protect your home at its maximum lifespan.

Regular Roof Inspections

The easiest way to ensure that you roof is always in good order is to ask a local roofer to pop round and inspect your roof. This takes a couple of hours and leaves you with a detailed written report on the status of your roof. For the little it costs, it is the ideal way to monitor the roof.

The government, especially in Australia, has some resources on home maintenance, which is worth looking at. If you include an annual roof inspection, your home maintenance will be a lot easier.

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