7 Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Shingles Color

While most people spend about $5,572 to $11,448 on roof replacements, the average roofing cost is about $8,000. If you opt for shingles, the costs can go as high as $12,000 to get the project done. That’s if you don’t go for customized roofing materials.

Generally, installing or replacing roof shingles can be quite expensive. Thus, you would want the whole process to go right, including choosing the roof shingle’s color. Remember, you want the right roof color that gives your property an aesthetic curb appeal.

This article highlights seven tips for choosing the best roof shingles color.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Shingles Color

1. What’s Your Home’s Exterior Color Finishing?

Should the color of roof shingles match the property’s exterior finishing? Of courses, yes. Achieving a perfect color match will improve your property’s curb appeal, and most likely, its resale value. So, what are your options?

White houses will blend well with any roof color. Brown houses will look attractive with grey, black, and green shingle colors. Similarly, beige or cream-colored homes will blend well with solid shingle colors such as brown, black, and grey.

2. Research the Roof Shingles Color of Other Homes in the Neighborhood

Before installing new roof shingles, you would want to compare various roof colors in the neighborhood. Take an evening walk and see how your neighbor’s roof shingles look in natural light. Check out how colored roofs blend with property colors.

Do you love the color matches? Would you change some things to make a particular design look better on your property? Write down all your observations.

3. Go for a Reputable Roofing Company with Many Suppliers

You’ll have the best roofing experience if you work with reputable contractors such as Paramount Builders. Experienced roofing companies have access to many suppliers, guaranteeing variety and relatively affordable rates.

If you like your neighbor’s-colored roof, you can ask them to introduce you to their roofing contractor. Alternatively, you can research on the web.

4. Request Brochures and Color Samples for Different Roofing Companies

When you begin choosing the right roof color for your home, you probably have many options in mind. Ask got brochures and color samples when requesting a quote from your favorite roofing company. This will help you narrow down your viable options.

5. Test the Shingle Samples Outdoor

After going through the brochures, ask the roofing company to send big samples of the roof shingle’s color. Prop the sample next to your wall and observe how it looks in broad daylight. Testing the samples will help you eliminate odd colors straight away.

6. Are You After Energy Efficiency?

New roof shingles can help keep your home cooler, especially if you choose reflective colors that don’t absorb heat. In that case, bright colors will work perfectly. However, it’s imperative to note that colored roofs only influence a small percentage of energy efficiency.

You still have to insulate and ventilate the home properly to save on energy costs. Moreover, you can try darker shingle colors with the right insulation and ventilation.

7. State Environmental Codes

You might also want to consider the state and local environmental codes guiding roofing in your region. For instance, some state laws may require homeowners to install Title 24-Compliant color roofs. This will help reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Your local contractor will guide you through all these codes.

How to Choose a Roof for Replacement or New Installation

Use these tips when choosing the best roof shingles color. Remember, choosing the right color guarantees your investment’s value. Check out other resourceful articles on this site for a good experience when choosing a roof shingle’s colors.

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