Customizing Your Garden Shed

A garden shed is a great way to upgrade your yard with more functional space. Whether you want more storage, a place to work on your hobby, or somewhere to test your green thumb, customizing a garden shed can create that opportunity for you.

However, you need to make sure your shed works for you. A shed without windows won’t grow plants well, and if you can’t fit a motorcycle in your door, you can’t use it as a workshop.

Keep reading to learn how to customize your garden shed to fit your needs.

How to Customise a Garden Shed

Customize your Garden Shed

Ensure That Your Shed is The Right Size

Are you planning to assemble or repair cars or other machines in your garden shed? Or simply store tools? Whether you plan to make a workstation, storage area, greenhouse, or anything in between, you need to make sure you have the right amount of space for your needs.

When customizing your garden shed, the shape and size are the very foundations of your new area. After measuring your yard to ensure you have enough space, customize your shed’s shape so that it allows you to use it how you want to. Square sheds can house bigger objects, but rectangular sheds may create better workshops. Additionally, your shed should be more than big enough to use how you want, so get an idea of the space you would need before you start customizing so you can build the right-sized garden shed.

Choose a Siding Material That Fits Your Needs

Depending on what you plan to use your shed for and your budget, the right shed materials may vary. However, in most cases, you will need to choose between wood, vinyl, and metal sidings.

Wood is a very popular garden shed material, creating a uniquely “homely” look and allowing for interesting color and design options. However, wood can be more susceptible to weather conditions, pests, and of course is flammable, which may not make it ideal for storing valuables.

Vinyl sheds are more resistant to the elements than wood sheds, but offer less customization and are less sturdy in general due to lesser weight. However, they are fire-retardant, which helps them to survive heat better than wood in addition to being rot and insect-resistant.

Steel sheds are the best of the metal sheds. They offer a high level of sturdiness, insect and rot-resistance, and of course fire resistance in addition to often being the cheaper option. However, they require a rusting treatment and don’t offer a wide variety of visual customization in some cases.

Plan Window Features

Windows are an important part of your garden shed’s functionality. They provide natural light that is essential for creating a greenhouse or garden in your shed and also provide ventilation if working on cars, bikes, or other machines that have emissions.

As you customize your garden shed, you’re able to choose the size and location of windows. If you’re gardening, you can plan ahead of time and place windows where the sun comes through. A skylight can provide immense natural light for all purposes, and large windows can ensure there is plenty of airflows to keep you comfortable no matter the temperature.

Pick a Door Style

Choosing your doors is another part of the customization process where your intended use for your garden shed is important. If you plan to move machinery inside, rollup or double doors may be ideal for providing enough room to go in and out. For a personal workshop, smaller doors may be more than enough. Or, if your garden shed is large enough, you can position multiple doors where they will be most useful during the customization process.

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Customize the Interior

When you need more storage space, customizing your interior can be incredibly useful. The walls of your shed often include a lot of empty space, so to maximize your space, consider customizing your garden shed with higher ceilings and walls. This allows you more space to hang tools or have shelves installed for you, which can turn even a smaller-footprint shed into a formidable storage unit by maximizing space.

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