17 Innovative Bookcase Chair Designs

If you’re bored of simple and plain chairs, living on small apartment/house and don’t have enough spaces for your bookshelf, maybe it’s time to take a more creative approach. Here are some bookcase chair that integrated with bookcases that might just be more exciting than the books themselves!

Comfy Purple Chair Bookcase

Chair and Bookcase Combination by Erwan PÉRON of Turriniby . Comes with thin frame and acrylic to highlight the purple seats.

Console Bookshelf Chairs

All in one shelf with the ergonomic reading nook that catching your guest attentions. Come with many rows for maximum efficiency.  Although I’m not really convinced that it’s comfortable to sit on, but I find the pink and black attractive and is a great showcase piece.

Elegant Chair Book Combinations

Books lovers black throne for everyone who like escaping into their own world while reading a book which tempts you to sit down, relax and read a book while sipping some coffee. This 2 seat chairs also installed with a board that able to transform into a table on both left and right sides of backrest. In addition, beneath the seat are few drawers that provide good storage and extendable footrests to relax your feet. Comes with plenty of wheels means its movable.

Magazine Hang Chairs

The Magazines Hang chair designed by Seung Han Lee. Made from stainless steel and its main purpose is to save space. This chair was inspired by the idea combining a magazine rack and chair into one multi-functional design.

Half Moon Wing Bookshelf Chairs

The magnificent Batman bookshelf chair by Louis Saul. Has wing chair with built-in unique orange seat cushioning over the black wood boards resemblance of the dark knight’s style. Also have front and back bookshelf.

Round Chairs Bookcase

Round chairs with the circular bookshelf. At a glance, With yellow cushion It looks like Sunflower Chair.

Bookworm Chair

Bookworm chair by Atelier 010 with a mindblowing concept. Built with catchy colors and book shelf out of square boxes arranged in a circle.

bookcase chair with wheels

A combination of a wheelbarrow and a chair and a book case. The “Bookinist” is a read and roams chair, created by Nils Holger Moormann. Love the little details like the built-in reading lamp, and a secret compartment in the armrest, that holds bookmarks, pencils, notepad, and a magnifying glass.

hollow bookshelf chairs

Another creatives bookcase chair, Its looks like a chair that comes out from Disney.

Wooden Bookcase Chair

A simple and natural bookcase that beautifully curves and becomes a seat. The design answer to the multi-functional usage of space in any small/tiny house living. The design looks awesome especially when you add a few books with a colorful book cover.

Open Book Chairs

All in one chair, bookshelf, side table,lap desk & magazine rack fused into this Open Book Chairs.  Created by TILT

Gentleman Book Chair

This luxury and elegant bookcase chair priced USD 2.950. Made from silk, satin, wood, veneer. Comfortable deep seat chair with armrests and a built-in shelf storage for books and DVDs.

Triangle Bookcase Chair

The Domus chair was designed to be a true all-purpose chair to meet the diverse needs through careful consideration changes of space and needs that take place inside the house.

Crowded Bookcase Chairs

Mini library chairs with plenty of dividers for better books organizing. It’s also make this bookcase chair more attractive with the colorful book placed.

Comfy Red Bookcase Chair

Innovative yet unusual chair curves with bookshelf function. This bookcase chair has glossy red paint that so inviting.

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EXTRA: DIY Bookcase Chair with Cheap Materials

Pallet Bookcase Chairs

Most cheap of all the list. Created by pallet this rustic chair also created with storage. This dupallet chairs upholstery in rags and linen created by MadeInTestacciofunction.

wood crate chairs

This wooden crate chairs with book storage made with little upcysle works. Just remove top and front side then placed cushion holder on the half height of crates.

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