224 Square Feet Tiny House Trailer – Interiors Tours

Here we are, what everyone wants to see: Tiny House Trailer Interiors Tours!


Tiny House Trailer Living Room

Tiny House Trailer Main Room

Here is the Main Room Overviews. We can see all the basic house need available on compact size yet also comes with attractive design. On the leading edge of the loft, there are the bookshelves that can be accessed from down below and up top.

Tiny House Trailer Airy Spaces

As you enter this tiny homes you will be welcomed by a super comfy CB2 Cielo Love Seat and a very narrow coffee table from IKEA that fits the space well and does not take many spaces and is easily moved out of the way if needed.

Tiny House Trailer Couch

The windows behind provide natural light and better air flows. Really perfect reading nook. Note from the owner: It was supposed to be one-foot shorter, but there was an error in the order, and we received this much taller window, and we are happy we did!

Tiny House Trailer Loft Views

From above views. You can also use the narrow coffee table as leg rest while day dreaming on this couch. If you need more small living room ideas you can take a look at this post.

Tiny House Trailer Kitchen Zoom

Tiny House Trailer Kitchen View

The small kitchen also had all basic kitchen appliance and utensils. It’s beautifully organized and had a decorative light that brings warm and elegant into this small kitchen.

Tiny House Trailer Mini Bars

A closer view of the tinyhomes kitchen. The 8ft of bar top below the accordion window is the best spaces to spend a lot of time looking outside, eating socializing and also working spaces. It truly is a multipurpose space and with the view we have now it is incredible!

Tiny House Trailer Double Sink

A double basin sink! Ideal for a place to store a lot of dirty ones.

Tiny House Trailer Tiny Bars

Adorable mini bars sets on the corners of the kitchen, Although it’s Not Enough Room for the 100 bottles.

Tiny House Trailer Shelves

Who says you can only have 2 cups in a tiny house?! this is the example of well-organized kitchen/dining equipment. These spots also house of the microwaves and Saeco Espresso Machine.

Tiny Trailer House Aboves Fridge Storage

Above Fridge Storage. But I think it was not efficiently used and needed some touch.

Tiny House Trailer Floating Stairs

In the main areas, we can see the floating stairs lead to the master loft designed by Tiny House Nation. These Stairs are made of DOM Tubing and 1/4″ plate and topped with Epay with an Oak Inlay.  The builders went overkill on the construction to support the floating steps behind the wall.

Tiny House Trailer Sleeping Area

Tiny House Trailer Master Loft

Right under the carpet tiles (made by Flor and its called Sweater Weather) there is cubby floor storage built into the floor of the loft that surrounds the King size bed. The Storage is about 8″ deep, so the master loft has that much shorter of ceiling space compared to the secondary loft and able to hold enough clothes as two dressers. This has not been a compromise in any way for use as the master loft being 12 feet deep still feels huge!

On the picture above we can see 48″ plasma Tv. Mounted on the wall. No more hurt knees crawling in the loft and can watch tv upstairs and downstairs!

Tiny House Trailer Sliding Barn Doors

The picture above are the old interior photos. There, we will talk about Sliding Barn Door Ladder. In a Tiny House Trailer, You need to create or use as much multi-purpose furniture/design/items. The owner has a genius idea of doing a barn door and incorporating the ladder that leads to the Girly Loft. It something so simple and it works pretty well.

Tiny House Trailer Girly Loft

This loft dedicated for hanging space for the majority of owners clothes so hung 66-inch long water pipe from the ceiling for the closet space.  They cut down the vanity so it could fit below the window and it is more comfortable for makeup while watching Gilmore Girls.

Tiny House Trailer Bathroom

Tiny House Trailer Bathrooms

Tiny House Trailer Bathroom Vanity

Left Picture: It’s a washing machine next to the toilets. And above wash wrap around shelves to store all the bathroom goodies. The size of the sink has worked out very well even though it is smaller than we are used to. The mirror will soon get replace with a medicine cabinet style that will be able to use the electrical outlet directly behind it.

Right Picture: The 17″ wide vanity has a sink that worked out very well even though it is smaller than the commons ones. The owner said they would replace the mirror with a medicine cabinet style that will be able to use the electrical outlet directly behind it.

Tiny House Trailer Tiny Bathroom

The corner glass shower has a 40″ pan, and the glass gives a wide open feel. On the right, you will see the LG ventless washer dryer combo and the Seperatt Villa 9200 Composting toilet.

Tiny House Trailer Showers And Vanity

Wide angle of the bathroom and living room entry. Did you gain some insight from this tiny house trailer tours?

Source: tinyhousebasics.com


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