12 Picturesque Small Living Room Design

Here are my list of  Small Living Room ideas that really pull off beautiful decor in small living spaces!


Monochrome Small Living Room Idas View 2
Look at decorative on the coffetable ….

Visually beautiful small living room design with Black and White webbing rug pattern, randomly placed turquoise pillow, bold pendant light, lots of framed pictures and textural elements make this a fun yet cozy living area.

Monochrome Small Living Room Ideas View 1
dry branch plant give unusual matching character into whole rooms

Bright white paint color make furniture more attractive and noticeable.

Elegant Style Small Living Room
Sun light rich Living Room

Vintage living room that bring elegant yet warm atmosphere. Button Tufted Couch on the center may be used as a table or leg rest. All furniture choosen with perfect colors and painted ceiling makes a huge difference.

Colorfull Narrow Living Room
Another idea is to create a work space behind your sofa by using a desk and chair instead of a regular sofa table.

This design show you how to arrange a long and narrow living room. You may know it better as “the bowling alley.” When we were looking at houses several years ago, we kept seeing these long and open spaces. All color combination create an eye cathing rooms, even more the wood panelling around the fireplace make it’s double!

Minimalist Living Room
Minimalist Living Room

Simple, Minimal and Adorable. Stripped monochrome rug and mirror above fireplace making small living rooms appear much, much bigger. Curtain collors also match perfectly with bright paint.

Compact Small Living Room Design
Led tv mounted to maximise each inch of spaces

Most small living room design on the list. Even so you can look this living room also provides with most basic living room needs and the most important it’s also neatly placed. Its possible by choosing pieces that can serve multiple functions. In the living room, the window seat stores extra blankets, and the subwoofer (at the far end of the couch) doubles as a side table. source

retro Living Room Ideas

Retro small living room design. Cupboard on the corners create plenty rooms to organizing many stuff. Bench next to the windows provides you with confortable reading nook. But you may also replace this with a secertary desk for working/study purpose.


Simple Small Living Roomd Design
perfect lazy day living room

Simple Small Living Room

Just simple cozy and aesthetic small living room . Bold and contrass color wall paint make this room attractive even without many decorative/ornamnets. Big L sofa really look comfortable.

Artistic Small Living Room Ideas

Dabito’s new New Orleans living room appeared on West Elm. Artistic room. I personally love the light and the rug, the mix of styles and unique 🙂 the dark navy walls mostly covered with paintings are too stunning.

Gray Small Living Room Ideas

Photograph Douglas Friedman A mix between black and white, gray is by definition a neutral. Decorating with gray can can be dark and mysterious, warm and peaceful, or bright and beautiful. All comes elegantly.


Small Living Room With Textured Rug
Small Living Room With Textured Rug

Warm coloring theme even more textured rug really make this truly family rooms. Four mirrors add the luxury.

Beautiful Small Living Room Ideas

Teal and grey living room look like a fresh youth. Really beautiful yet elegant.

Wonderful Living Room Design
Amusing yakuza paintings

The black theme living room opens up to a wonderful melange of geometric shapes—triangles, circles, ovals—and saturated colors—turquoise, lime green, fuscia, and orange. A bold piece of art showing the tattooed back of a man looking into a lime green void immediately pulls your eye. How attractive!

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  1. Designed by Redmond Aldrich Design, this living room manages to be unique and versatile, colorful and understated, approachable and impressive, all at once. That’s thanks to the quirky, eclectic mix of frames, a light wood paneled wall, a classic carpet, and an unexpectedly colorful sofa. If you typically like to stick to more neutral tones at home but find yourself generally drawn to color, consider venturing out with a dusty rose, forest green, or navy sofa they’re the new neutrals.

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