Undercounter Refrigerator For Modern Kitchen


Undercounter refrigerator drawers have lately becoming trends  in contemporary and modern kitchens. They’re very ideal fridge that suits any kitchen layout as they don’t only provide extra storage but also improve your kitchen function and can serve as the main focus. To learn more about these features, check out my list from around the web.


Undercounter Refrigerator four Drawer

True Professional Series 24″ Undercounter Refrigerator with four Drawers. You can organizing your groceries easily. Truly smart kitchen appliances.

Image-Source: true-residential.com


Undercounter Refrigerator

2 coloumn and 3 rows undercounter refrigerator. The transparent containers make anything more easiers to controls. Just by a glance you can find needed foodstuff in no times.

Image-Source: pinterest.com

Undercounter Refrigerator Transparant Doors

An undercounter freezer, refrigerator, wine storage or beverages counter unit puts fresh and frozen food storage exactly where you need it – Efficiently suitable in any room, even outdoors.

Image-Source: subzero-wolf.com

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Glossy Undercounter Fridge

Glossy stainless steel undercounter fridge on drawer style. Brings modern atmosphere to your kitchen.

Undercounter Refrigerator WineDual zone contemporary fridge with transparant thermal glass doors and elegant looks. C

Traditional Undercounter Fridge

Drawer fridge with ice maker. Also Fisher & Paykel single drawer dishwasher which is deep for wine glasses and versatile racking. The fridge front cover adjusted to match the whole kitchen design.

Undercounter Refrigerator Luxury This is what we call “Luxury” Dual Zone Wine Cabinet All units shown in blue lighting and high quality glossy bezels.