3 Small Cabin Plans By PinUpHouse

  • Candy Small Cabin Plans


Candy Small Cabin Design 1

This DIY cabin built with 158 ft2 (14,7 m2) floor area. Level up 1 meters above the grounds. There is a sleeping loft inside, where you can spend many beautiful moments while gazing out the window.

Candy Small Cabin Design 6


Candy Small Cabin Design 5

Candy Small Cabin Design 2

This 13 ft X 12 ft Main area quite spacious can be filled with couch, dry bar , small office or anything you desired.

Candy Small Cabin Design 3

This cabin is on posts, so you can use the space underneath for wood storage, garden equipment, bicycles, or what-have-you.. This cabin is named after a famous pin-up girl, Candy Jones.

Candy Small Cabin Design 4

This 68 ft2 loft can be accessed by a ladder that swings down to the ground.

Floor Area: 158 ft2 (14,7 m2)
1st. Floor: 158 ft2 (14,7 m2)
Loft: 68 ft2 (6,3 m2)
DIY Building Cost: $3,100

  • Caroll Small Cabin Plans

This is a large DIY cabin conveniently includes a cosy loft. One climbs up a ladder to enjoy the benefits of this practical loft maxmising the available space.

Caroll Small Cabin Plans

This cabin is named after one of the most famous pin-up girls, Carroll Baker.

Caroll Small Cabin Plans 4

Next to the fireplace is ample room for a comfortable couch allowing you enjoy cold winter nights.

Caroll Small Cabin Plans 2

The ideal place for a table is next to the window with a view . Ptovides you with abundant fresh airs while busy on the desk.

Caroll Small Cabin Plans 3

Loft under the atticts. Every man dreaming to sleep here at least one at a lifetime. 😀

Caroll Small Cabin Plans 5

Caroll Small Cabin Plans 1DETAIL:
Floor Area: 142 ft2 (13,2 m2)
L X W: 15 ft x 10 ft (4,6m x3,0m)
1st. Floor: 142 ft2 (13,2 m2)
Loft: 120 ft2 (11,2 m2)
Porch: 97 ft2 (9,0 m2)
DIY Building Cost: $1,990

  •  Sonja Small Ranch House Plans

Sonja small ranch house plans
small ranch house plans
 This cabin is named after the famous pin-up girl, Sonja Henie.

Sonja Cabin Plan 3

This proportional garden cabin is characterized by its gambrel roof. A gambrel roof allows for a larger loft, therefore it is more comfortable for sleeping and has more storage space.
Sonja Cabin Plan 1
The first floor features an ideal working spaces for any craftsman/art-worker etc. This construction would beautifully placed into the corner of your garden or on the edge of a charming meadow.
Sonja Cabin Plan 2
Sleeping area from pin-up house intentionally built on elevated floors for better space savings purpose and bring new atmosphere different from your usual bedrooms.
small ranch house plans on schematic
schematic small ranch house plans
Floor Area: 140 ft2 / 13m2
1st. Floor: 75 ft2 / 7m2
Loft: 65 ft2 / 6m2
DIY Building Cost: $650
All Resource: www.pinuphouses.com

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