The dangers of cleaning wood windows with water and pressure washing

Chameleon-Decorators provides quality wood window repair and wood window upgrades. We take pride in the proper way that we achieve cool outcomes with the very longest possible lifespan. Apart from good quality repair, good quality window accessories are the primary mandatory thing that decides the possible lifespan, and that is what is all about.

Once we complete your repair plan, the outstanding qualities of our trained workers will last for decades. To maximize these outstanding qualities, good follow-up care will have a positive impact.

Keeping your wood windows clean and maintained is one of the best places to start and the most uncomplicated method to show the beauty of your windows. Nu Eco Windows Melbourne can accomplish this for you.

The dangers of cleaning wood windows with water and pressure washing


Being exposed to weathering, dust, and all sorts of atmospheric contaminants, your windows manage very well with the defense of the outside components.

Repeated cleaning not only keeps your property beloved and delightful, but can help extend the life of your windows so they can continue to do their job! (Cleaning is still considered a mind-boggling technique to find out your windows and qualify all sorts of maintenance needs before later).

With all sorts of cleaning methods, it can be challenging to clean your windows with complete confidence – without worrying about causing unnecessary, unnecessary damage. Our team of professionals invites some thoughts that we trust you’ll find necessary.

Never use a pressure washer for wood windows

First – first, in case you have any – doubts, do not wash the window once under pressure.

This has the opportunity to go up indisputably, but it is worth remembering that the proper wood windows are something special.

They are masterfully treated with the introduction of wood species and delivered, restored, and improved with the introduction of quality materials.

Pressure washing your beautiful wood windows, at the very least, will give our discerning team of professionals dreadful nightmares. Not counting that, it will most likely damage the paint finish, dig out the putty, puncture the seals, and cause lasting damage.

Is it safe to use water to clean wood windows?

it is not recommended, for example, as it reduces the service cycle of windows, for example, as a strict batch of micro damages the layer of paint that protects the wood from external weathering.

This is a relatively new way to clean windows, which, taken together, can be unimaginably economical in time, overcomes the difficulties of accessibility, is considered a more harmless option to work with the stairs, and is considered uncomplicated to perform the task. However, active wood windows do not have the same qualities as the bulk of the advanced PVC windows.

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Older wood frame windows

Old wood windows will be painted with a brush and roller, which is much less than the finish that was acquired by spraying paint. This means that damage from brushes on uneven planes is possible. Even with our ultra-smooth and sturdy finish, we unhesitatingly advise against using strict brushes to clean wood windows.

As soon as the protective layer of paint coating will be violated, the wood will be affected by moisture – there will be dampness and decay, and in the unlikely event that a minor task of painstaking cleaning windows can freeze more solid task of repairing and mending the wood floor.

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The short answer is that proper wood windows deserve hassle and reverence, and cleaning water posts is not considered the best conclusion.

Modern and sharp not every time than any other, and as we study in our post “Wooden windows: the best ways to clean and maintain”, there are common conclusions for cleaning, which are considered gentle, effective and destroy the dangers associated with other cleaning methods, more favorable in other spaces.

In case you require any advice or each of our listed suggestions to help improve and longevity of your classic windows, we welcome your inquiry.

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