Here’s How to Transform Your Military Housing into a Cozy Residence for the Family

Temporary housing for military households may seem plain and dull. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. We’ve provided you with a list of suggestions in order to assist you in making the best out of your current residence.

The stressful thing with the housing situation is that when the family member who’s part of the military is commanded to move, so does the family as well. 

Oftentimes you think decorating the interior of the military housing is simply a waste of time and effort since you’ll just be moving most of the time. We want to change this notion because military housing can be transformed into a home that’s comfortable and cozy for the entire family.

Have your most memorable photos displayed

As the famous line goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so this explains the need to display the physical remnants of your most precious memories. We are aware that there is a story behind every picture, so why not have them showcased as a way to help your family cope with the times, especially the most difficult ones.

Do you have childhood pictures? How about a specific event that you want to relive? Possibly a place you want to remember? Pictures are the best way to reminisce about the events you treasure.

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Utilize the blank walls as your canvas

You might expect military housing to mostly have empty walls. Although it’s good to be practical by just leaving it bare but you can choose to make your home a lively one by beautifying it.

There are multiple ways on transforming the overall look of your walls. Do you have pieces of art that are left stacked in your room waiting to be displayed? Have them posted on the walls for people to see. Another option would also be custom crafted military signs which can depend on the type of design you want because you get to decide how the signage should look.

If you want a colorful background to your photos or artworks, you can buy a temporary wallpaper and attach it carefully to the walls. It would be nice to match the wallpaper pattern or design to the look of your housing interior. Ensure that the wallpaper is of excellent quality – the print, paper, and adhesive are in good condition and work effectively. You also need to be careful in sticking it to the wall so that no spaces or air bubbles are formed inside.

Dividing the spaces between walls is also advisable by setting up a faux fireplace especially if you are located in an area that experiences cold weather most of the time. The fireplace may serve as the centerpiece and is also a useful item. These kinds of fireplaces come in handy when you need to keep your family warm wherever you go.

Custom crafted military signs for your doors

You have the choice to either buy them in stores or have them personalized but we collectively agree that home signages provide the belongingness and comfort that you are with your family safe. There are a lot of samples you can have as inspirations for your custom signage and manufacturing companies will do the rest once you submit them a layout of your planned design.

Another idea is collecting signages with the location of the duty stations where your family member served. This could be a great way to remember the places where they were stationed and this will have them sharing their experiences while they were accomplishing their duties in those stations. It would be cool to have a collection of these military signs that would even bring the family closer together because of the memories they have with every place.

Vinyl as the primary material for decoration

Vinyl is a good material to spice up the plain walls of your military housing. Aside from the fact that they’re inexpensive, easy to attach, and are not permanent. Does your family have a specific quote they live by? Maybe motivational messages that are reliable? Have them printed in vinyl stickers and stick them carefully on the area where they can be easily read even from afar. When you want to change the quote, you can remove them carefully and replace them with another quote.

Opt for furniture with vibrant accents and neutral hues

Neutral colors are a thing in military housing but that doesn’t mean all the other elements of the house should conform to its original look. Since you have to move our frequently, you might be choosing the wrong size of furniture which makes it difficult for you to estimate how large should your furniture be.

The safest option is to purchase those pieces with neutral tones because it provides the versatility of reducing or adding objects inside the house to avoid tightness and lack of breathing space.  Remember practicality cannot be compromised with the extravagance of purchasing furniture.

Fill the windows with attractive curtains and blinds

Since you are not aware of what specifically goes on inside the military housing,  it is better to be prepared as soon as we occupy the space. It’s a good way to express our personalities and attitudes through decorating a specific space. It is a good purchase to buy things that make people feel better.

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Contrary to what people think of military housing as a boring place to reside, you can help change this view by applying the recommendations we’ve outlined above. This type of residence shouldn’t be definitely pushed aside just because it is smaller in size. It also doesn’t mean it has to look plain for many years to come. But before anything else, remember to scrutinize whatever you buy and take to avoid possible dangers.

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