Home Improvement and Maintenance Tips for Small Homes

When you live in a small home, certain aspects of home maintenance are a little simpler than they would be if you had a much larger space to maintain. However, with limited space to work with, you may have to put a little extra thought into how you prioritize and plan home improvement projects and how you go about basic upkeep. Here are some tips on how to maintain a small or moderately sized home in a way that optimizes its functionality.

Small Modern House Overview

Prioritize Decluttering

Before you take on any big projects or get new things for your house, your first priority should be downsizing and decluttering. Getting rid of things that you don’t really need will make way for things that you really do need. Downsizing your belongings and decluttering your living space is going to help you be more consistent about keeping your space more neat and orderly.

When you’re starting to think about how to downsize, get going by identifying the things that you aren’t really using. If stuff is just getting in the way or taking up space that you could be using for other things, it probably has to go. If you’ve accumulated a large amount of items that you don’t need that include large or heavy furniture items, renting a dumpster might be the best disposal option. If you’re letting go of stuff that’s still in fairly good shape, it may be possible to donate it.

Add Storage Solutions

After you’ve decluttered, adding more storage solutions can help you sustain a tidy living space. In smaller spaces, having just a couple of piles of stuff lying around may make a room seem much messier than it really is. Ideally, you want the stuff that you need to be close at hand, but you don’t really want stuff out everywhere.

Consider getting a couple of storage units that you can keep in the rooms where you spend most of your time. Get large pieces to store bigger items such as throw blankets. Benches with built-in storage are great for small spaces because they can double as extra seating when you are planning a get-together.

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Filter Your Water

If you have a galley kitchen or you don’t have lots of cabinet space, stocking up on bottled water can be problematic. Just a few gallons takes up a lot of room. Filtering your water with a pitcher is a good space-saving option, but constantly having to refill adds unnecessary work onto your typical to-do list of household chores. Furthermore, you also have to remember to replace a pitcher’s carbon filter. Depending on how much water you drink, you might have to swap out a filter every month.

Rather than filtering just some of the water in your house with pitchers that constantly need filter replacements, get a reverse osmosis filter. This solution ensures that water that comes out of every plumbing fixture is ready to drink. Also, eliminating minerals and other potentially corrosive agents from water may protect your home’s plumbing system from damage.

Clean Your HVAC Regularly

Having your HVAC system’s air handler cleaned on a regular basis is an essential home maintenance task, and it’s especially important in small houses. In confined spaces that can feel somewhat stuffy, cleaning your HVAC might let you breathe a little easier and improve the air quality.

Air handlers can collect a lot of debris and allergens over time. When this happens, running your air conditioning might be circulating allergens and dust in every room of your home. Schedule a professional cleaning at least once a year. It will make your home’s air quality better, and it will make your HVAC more energy-efficient. It is also important to bear in mind that regular cleaning and calibration can play a big role in preventing serious mechanical failures. In effect, being proactive about HVAC maintenance could spare you from having to pay for costly repairs.

Ultimately, taking great care of your home could help to reduce the work that you have to put into maintaining it. As you undertake home improvement and maintenance tasks, be strategic about what you can do that will enable you to make the most of your living space and make life easier.

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