How Can I Reduce Indoor Allergies?

How Can I Reduce Indoor Allergies


Air contaminants are the worst enemy of our house as these substances cause severe allergic reactions as well as trigger asthma issues. You can control all the air irritants by following some easy ways. This article will walk you through reducing indoor air allergens to ensure the best air quality inside your house and keep your family members healthy. 

The Sources of Indoor Allergens

You should try your best to control the air allergens, and managing them should begin at home to save your dearest family members from pollen, particles, and mold. Air particles vary in size, but all of them cause problems indoors. You need to discover the sources of the allergies before you can start taking any measures to manage them. The following are some of the common allergy sources: 

  • Furniture 
  • Indoor plants
  • Mattresses and wall mats 
  • Damp areas
  • Stuffed toys
  • Pets
  • Carpets 
  • Bed sheets
  • Pillows 
  • Pets

Many allergens can be found in the flooring, bedding, or any other surfaces, and the amount can be higher than in the air. These surface-stuck allergies weaken the air quality. As a result, you shouldn’t skip the step of getting rid of all the allergens, regardless of where they are. 

How To Reduce Indoor Air Allergies 

  1. Install Air Cleaning Devices

Air filters are air cleaning devices that help greatly to improve air quality by reducing the number of allergies and irritants. There are different sizes and types of air filters available on the market. You must choose the right one depending on your system’s needs and the furnace area. If you choose the incorrect air filter, you won’t get the anticipated level of air purification. Besides, improper installation of the filter will lead to furnace damage.

However, if you want the finest air all the time, you will need to do more than just install the appropriate air filter. You must change the filter frequently as they get dirty quickly to capture lots of dust and particles. We recommend using Custom Filters Direct to buy quality home air filters online. They offer a wide range of air filters in different sizes and MERV ratings to suit your needs.

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  1. Control Dust Mites

Keep the surfaces of your house clean and get rid of dust mites as much as possible. Walls and bare floors have carpets that are significant sources of air irritant growth. It is good to avoid overstuffed fabric furniture and heavy drapes. Try to use washable curtains, rolls, sheets, etc. Always make sure that you wash your bedding and pillows in water at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  1. Prevent Pet Dander 

Pets with huge fur or feathers are unsafe for people with allergic issues or asthmatic symptoms. When animal danders are inhaled, they may also have an effect on humans who are not sensitive to them. So, you should keep your pets out of your bedroom. Keep the doors of your bedrooms closed when you go outside so your pets can’t come inside and pollute the indoor air. Animal allergens are hard to clean as they are sticky, but you must wash your pet’s clothing, bedding, toys, and furniture where it sits. 

  1. Vacuum the Entire House Weekly

Vacuuming the entire house once or twice a week will help you keep the house dust-free. A good vacuum cleaner can prevent air allergens from going back into the air. Wear a mask before doing the cleaning work. Use a wet cloth to polish the house and leave it for hours after cleaning it. 


There is no alternative to reducing indoor air allergies to keep the air inside the house fresh and comfortable. Environmental protection agencies recommend every house owner take the necessary measures to improve indoor air quality. Even after following the steps, if you are still exposed to indoor dust mites, call a professional and ask to install the right size Merv furnace filters for your system’s needs immediately. 

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