How to know If Your AC Filter Is Having Problems

How to Take Care of Your AC to Increase Its Efficiency


If you think you are the only person who forgets to change your AC filter, then we should tell you that you are not alone. All of us are busy with our professional and personal activities. If we think changing our AC filter is a minor issue, then it is apparent that we will forget to change it. However, despite our challenges due to a clogged filter, we will not fail to change it.

Theoretically, we should replace our AC filter every two months to keep a healthy indoor environment. Now, you might be thinking, how do you know if your AC filter is having problems? Well, a few things indicate the time of changing your AC Filter. In this article, we are going to learn this in detail. So, let’s dive into it.

How to Know It Is Time to Change AC Filter?

  1. Indoor Air Quality

If you regularly follow our content or went through research previously regarding this, you should know that around 90% of air pollution is in the indoor environment. Therefore, AC filters, also known as furnace filters, will affect indoor air quality and make indoor environments healthy. An unhealthy indoor environment can cause frequent headaches and be the cause of your sickness. So, when facing the symptoms, you should change your AC Filter.

  1. Dust Is All Around the House

When your AC filter is not working properly, it cannot absorb the dust and other dangerous particles from the indoor environment. Therefore, when you see dust around you, you might get more allergy attacks, sore throat, red eyes, and so many issues. If it is happening to your home, make sure you are changing your AC filter immediately.

  1. Pay More Electricity Bills

No wonder we all have faced this issue once in our life. Sometimes it is hard to find the reason behind this. But it is high time you should know the truth. Having a dirty or clogged air filter causes higher electricity bills. 

You might be thinking about how a dirty filter can affect your electricity bill, right? Well, let us explain this to you. When your furnace filter is dirty, your AC will need more energy to detoxify your indoor environment. So, more energy equals more bills

  1. Air Conditioner Starts Heated Frequently

As we said earlier, when your AC filter is dirty, it needs more energy to cool or heat your indoor temperature. When a machine consumes more energy than usual, it will get heated. A dirty AC filter affects not only your health but also affects your air conditioner machine as well. So, whenever you see your machine getting heated, you should replace it quickly. 


This is not the end. There are so many things that indicate replacing your AC filter. Generally, you should change your AC filter every two or three months. But the time to change the Air filter varies. If you buy a cheap filter, you need to change it every month. However, using a quality filter will last longer. We recommend to buy branded quality filter from Simply Filters based on the Merv rating ensures quality air purification than the affordable filters available in the market.

So, our recommendation for you is, if you have been facing the issues recently, you should replace your AC filter as soon as possible to keep your indoor environment healthy. Besides, you should check the Merv Rating and choose an original branded furnace filter for your home. This is how you keep your environment air purified!

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