How Many Solar Panels Will I Need For My Home?

There has been a huge upswing in the popularity of solar power over the past few years. If you’re wondering how to best power your home, making the switch to solar might be the smart answer.

You might have certain questions if you’re considering making this move. For example, how many solar panels might you need to have installed?

The number of solar panels will impact both the amount of power you’ll be able to bring in and how much your total budget might be. What do you need to know before making this big decision? Read on.

How Many Solar Panels Will I Need For My Home

Factors to Consider

As you might imagine, there is no number of solar panels that will be true for every situation. Many factors will contribute to how big of a solar structure a particular home should invest in.

Understanding these factors can help you to draw your own conclusions about your property and your needs.

The size of your home will be the major element to consider. The bigger of a home you have, the more panels you’ll likely need to have it all powered efficiently. 1500 square foot home might need around 15 panels, while a house twice that size would need twice as many panels.

A good shorthand is that for every 500 additional square feet in your home, you’ll need about five more panels. Of course, other factors can make an impact.

The amount of sunlight your home gets will also make an impact. If you get a huge amount of direct sunlight you’ll need fewer panels than if you get only partial sunlight for much of the day.

Last but not least, your general levels of energy consumption will lead you to a number as well. Need a lot of energy? More panels will be needed.

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Solar Energy in Your Home

Reasons Your Small Home Should Use Solar Energy

The cost of installing solar in your home might make you feel as if you don’t want to take the leap. However, if you take the time to estimate your savings, you can see how much switching to solar can actually help your bottom line.

Solar panel installation is an investment and if you take the time to calculate matters using the above factors? You’ll find that over the years having the right amount of solar power generated can greatly help you to keep overall energy costs down.

That doesn’t even take into account the savings that might be possible thanks to federal tax policies that will be active for another few years. 

All of this and you’ll be helping to reduce your carbon footprint and help the overall global environment. That’s worth celebrating!

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Understanding Solar Panels

How many solar panels might you need to install in your home to get the amount of energy you need? The above information can help you understand what to expect. 

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