How to Choose a New Furnace in 2024

Your furnace is going to be an important part of your new home. It is going to help you to convert your home heating oil, natural gas, or propane into heat and then will move that heat all through the different rooms of the home. The furnace will have a few different parts to get it done, and a good technician will be able to help you out with this when choosing the right one for your needs.

You enjoy your furnace in the winter when it keeps you nice and warm, But when it stops working well, you are going to notice quickly and things can go downhill quickly. Rather than letting that happen, you need to look at some of the options that are available for a new furnace, before your current one wears out. But how do you choose the right furnace for your home? Some of the steps that you can follow to get this done include:

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Choose a Type of Fuel

Many homeowners do not realize that they have a choice when it comes to the type of fuel they use to heat their home. If there is already natural gas available in your area, then you are lucky. You will be able to hook it up to your new furnace in no time and enjoy the efficiency that comes with that as well.

Keep in mind though that not all areas are going to have natural gas. Do not be alarmed by this. You can choose to go with another option, such as an oil heat. If you are worried about the extra work with a furnace and having to change to a different source of heating, just consider what heat source was used in the old furnace and stick with a model that will use the same kind.

Choose Your Brand

The next thing to consider when choosing a new furnace is the brand. There are a few brands to choose from, depending on the type of heat source you decide to go with. If you go with an il-fired furnace, there aren’t as many choices that you can go with, but no matter which system, there are usually a few burner options that you can go with when choosing an oil furnace.

Of course, you can also go with a natural gas furnace. These are more common now and there are a ton of them all around the country. The result of this is that you may have to go with what your technician is skilled at servicing. There are just too many for the technician to know how to do on their own.

Remember here that when you choose a new brand, you are going to get what you pay for. If you want to buy a furnace that you plan to use for a long time, then go with something that is higher-end, like ThermoPride, to help make sure that it is going to last a long time.

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Choose the Size of the Furnace

Now it is time to take a look at the size of the furnace. A good place to start is the size of the current unit. If you go with a replacement that is the same size, this is often the easiest option and will not require as much work from you. But if you need something stronger or you did an add-on to the home, you may need a bigger furnace than before.

Some of the things to consider when choosing the size of the new furnace for your home includes:

# The square footage of the home or the area you would like to heat up.

# How tall the walls are so you know the full space that you are taking care of.

# How many windows are on each floor of your home.

# What the dimensions of the windows are

# Whether your windows are single-pane or dual-pane.

# The insulation amount of the home and how thick it is.

If you are working with a technician that is just asking about the square footage of the space and nothing else when determining the size of the furnace, that is a bad sign and you need to find a new contractor.

Consider Other Factors

There are a few other factors that you need to consider when it is time to pick out a furnace. Replacing your furnace can be expensive and can cost more than $8000 depending on the type and the size that you need to go with. Many technicians are going to offer some financing to help, but you will have to budget for it ahead of time to make sure that you are prepared and able to afford the amount that it will take to get a new one in.

You may need to consider some of the other work that you need to get done in addition to installing the furnace. For example, take a look at whether you will need to replace the oil tank at the same time or if it is time to add in a central air conditioner to it as well. If you combine all of these together, it can save you money in the long run of having to do it more than once. But it can make the upfront cost of the whole thing more expensive than just installing the new furnace in place.

It is important for you to find the right professionals to help you handle your heating and cooling. If you do not find a good professional, you are stuck with a home that is not as comfortable as you would like. Our team at Tokay Heating & Air Conditioning Repair is here to help. We have a team of professionals who can work with you and make sure that you are set and ready to go, no matter what happens along the way. Whether you are struggling to keep the home cool in the summer or warm in the winter, we are here to answer your questions and get it up and running again in no time. Contact us today to get started.

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