How to Decorate for a Small Wedding at Home

A wedding is a momentous occasion. It’s an event that celebrates love and the beginning of a new life together. While many dream of grandiose ceremonies in luxurious venues, intimate and small weddings at home hold a unique charm of their own.

The coziness and personal touch that come with a home wedding can make it a truly memorable experience. To ensure your small wedding at home is as beautiful as it is intimate, here are a few tips for decorating your space.

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Declutter and Get Rid of Junk

To declutter and eliminate junk, start by sorting items room by room. Consider donating, selling, or discarding things you no longer need or use. Organize remaining possessions, use storage solutions, and maintain a clutter-free routine.

Prioritize functionality and keep only what brings joy or serves a purpose. You can try the famous Marie Kondo method for this. According to The Atlantic, this method will help you declutter with minimum mess left behind. This mess, however, is not something that you can’t sort out on your own. 

You can also get in touch with field service professionals who excel in junk removal. They can also help you with carpet cleaning and other house tidying jobs. These service pros use specialized field service management software to manage and keep track of their jobs. 

There are many other benefits such software brings to the table, many of which you can learn about at Thus, you simply need to get in touch with these field service professionals and schedule an appointment. Their field service management software will then ensure that these professionals come over to your place to get rid of your junk on time. 

Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for your wedding. Transform your home into a romantic haven with carefully chosen lighting elements. Consider string lights or even candles for a soft and enchanting ambiance. Drape string lights across your backyard or hang them indoors to create a warm, intimate glow.

Candles in glass holders or lanterns can be placed on tables or along walkways for a touch of elegance. Don’t forget to mix in some subtle, warm-toned uplighting to highlight key areas like the altar or dance floor.

Embrace the Beauty of Nature

A home wedding provides a unique opportunity to embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings. If your wedding takes place in a garden or backyard, utilize the lush greenery and blooming flowers to your advantage.

Minimalistic flower arrangements in hues that complement your wedding colors can be placed on tables or along pathways. According to Brides, this is a great way to decorate arches and pathways. For a touch of rustic charm, consider incorporating wooden elements like arches or benches. If your home has a beautiful view, position your ceremony area to make the most of it.

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Personalize Your Space with Decor

Transform your home into a wedding wonderland by adding personal touches and decor that reflect your unique love story. Display photos of your journey together, from the first date to the engagement, in decorative frames or on a dedicated memory wall.

Consider using chalkboards or wooden signs to display meaningful quotes, your wedding hashtag, or directions to different areas of your home. If you have a fireplace, adorn it with garlands, flowers, or candles to create a cozy focal point.

Set the Scene with Elegant Tablescapes

Tables are central to any wedding celebration, and you can make them truly special with well-curated tablescapes. Start with table linens that match your wedding theme and colors. Add elegant tableware, including plates, flatware, and glassware.

Personalized place cards and favors can be delightful additions that show your appreciation to your guests. As the centerpiece, consider floral arrangements or candles in beautiful vases or lanterns. Incorporate elements like table runners, napkin rings, or even small succulents for added flair.

Think Vertically with Hanging Decor

When space is limited, thinking vertically can help you make the most of your surroundings. Hang decorative elements from ceilings, trees, or beams to draw the eye upwards and make the space feel larger. Create a captivating canopy of flowers or drapery above your ceremony area to make it feel like a sacred space.

Hang chandeliers or lanterns for a touch of elegance during the reception. Even the simple act of stringing ribbons or streamers can add a whimsical touch to your home wedding.

Keep It Comfortable and Functional

While aesthetics are important, it’s equally essential to ensure your home wedding is comfortable and functional for both you and your guests. Provide ample seating for everyone, and consider renting or borrowing additional chairs if necessary. The Aisle Guide recommends that seating should be arranged and alphabetized by your guests’ last names. However, since it’s a small house wedding, you don’t necessarily have to stick to such a hard and fast rule.  

Ensure there are convenient restroom facilities available, especially if your guest list is larger. Create designated areas for different parts of the celebration, such as a lounge area for guests to relax. You can even set up a small dance floor for those who want to groove to the music.


Decorating for a small wedding at home is an opportunity to infuse your unique personality and love story into your special day. With these tips in mind, your small wedding at home will be a beautifully decorated, warm, and unforgettable celebration of love.

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