7 Reasons to Choose Interior Design as a Career

Is interior design a good career? It can be a good career path for innovative, creative students. They will usually find it personally satisfying and financially rewarding. Interior designers work in many industries. It’s a valuable skill to know how to optimize interior spaces. Efficiently utilizing space is increasingly important in a world with a constantly growing population. 

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1. Many job opportunities

Are interior designers in demand? There are many job opportunities in interior design for talented and creative individuals. If you do a bachelor’s degree in interior design, you will study for four years. You can also become an interior designer in two years by doing an associate’s degree. Courses in interior design will include many different subjects from computer-aided design (CAD) to business codes and standards. Most states require you to take the NCIDQ exam to become a certified interior designer.

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2. Express your creativity 

Careers in interior design require creativity. You need to come up with creative ideas and be innovative. It’s a skill to transform spaces and make them aesthetically pleasing and functional. You need to learn how to select colors, fabrics, furniture, etc. that work well together. You will learn the theory in college but your skill at putting this into practice usually only develops with practice. It’s up to you to interpret what your clients want and make it a reality for them.

3. Do diverse and varied projects

So why interior design? Because interior design is a good career choice for people who thrive in many different situations. Every project will have a different budget. The goals will also be different depending on whether you are working in a residential home, an office, or a hotel. The diversity of projects can be exciting. You will build up your design skills and your portfolio as you complete different projects. 

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4. Solve challenges

What do you do in interior design? Your job involves coming up with solutions to problems. You may have to work within a tight budget or maximize the space in a small room. Good design skills and interpersonal skills are important. You not only have to design a layout but choose all the elements you need to create a cohesive design. You will often have a tight timeframe in which to put everything together. This will put your ability to manage a project efficiently and coordinate the efforts of your team to the test.

5. Improve lives

What are the benefits of being an interior designer? Transforming a space and not only making it beautiful but more functional can change the way your clients live. Optimizing the space in a small home can make a real difference. Clients will be grateful for what you’ve done for them. This can be very motivating and make you look forward to the next project. 

6. Collaborate with other professionals

Why is interior design a good career? You have the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals. When you work together with different experts like architects and engineers, you will find it changes how you think. Your perspective will be broader and your design skills more comprehensive. Just go to LinkedIn, attend seminars and conferences and connect with people you think will inspire you to do better.

7. Have entrepreneurial opportunities

You may ask “Why should I be an interior designer?” A good reason is that it opens the doors for you to become an entrepreneur with your own business. You may work as an independent consultant or even start your own interior design firm. This gives you full control and you can choose the type of projects you enjoy doing most. 


With a creative spirit and a desire to enhance working and living spaces, a career in interior design is a good option. Why is interior design a good career? Interior designers are always needed and the job offers the prospect of both personal satisfaction and financial success. You can channel your creative talents and handle a great variety of projects. The possibility of becoming an entrepreneur can also be a strong motivation.  

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