How To Setup An Ergonomic Home Office

Today, having a home office is becoming a necessity. With more companies shifting to a remote work setup, it’ll be wise for everyone to have a space dedicated to work right in their home. With a home office, people can work peacefully and minimize distractions that come with working at home. 

Building a home office isn’t just about dedicating a room and placing your device on top of a desk. And just like with a traditional office setup, prioritizing an ergonomic layout would be helpful. Since you’ll be spending hours in your home office, you may as well make yourself comfortable.

Sitting for too long in the same position can cause body pains. That’s why you should set up an ergonomic home office. If you don’t know where to start, this article can guide you.

Affordable Standing Desk

Search For An Ergonomic Office Chair

One of the first things you need to prioritize when setting up an ergonomic home office is to look for the right office chair. As previously mentioned, sitting for an extended period can cause body pain. You’ll most likely feel discomfort in your buttocks and lower back. To prevent anything from aching, you should use an ergonomic chair designed for long hours of sitting. 

Plenty of online stores like can provide you with an amazing selection of ergonomic office chairs. Using an ergonomic office chair can go a long way in making you comfortable during work hours. You’ll likely to be productive as well because you don’t have to worry about body pains. 

Look For The Right Desk

You’d be surprised to know that your desk also contributes to creating an ergonomic working space. The main goal of ergonomics is to refrain from any unnecessary strain on your body. This includes your head, body, hands, and feet. If your desk is too low or high for your height, you may be forced to bend or move your hands in an awkward position just to use your computer.

You should look for a desk that fits your height. You can check Freedman’s Furniture or other stores for their complete catalog of office desks.

Don’t restrict yourself to traditional desks. Some desks allow you to adjust the height automatically. This feature lets you customize the height to fit you perfectly. You can even turn your desk into a standing one, so you don’t have to be glued to your chair while on the clock. 

Use A Proper Keyboard

When you place your hands on your keyboard, you might feel a slight strain on your shoulders. This usually happens when you need to place your hands inwards to your body rather than having shoulder length apart. For maximum comfort, you should switch to a proper keyboard that’s not too narrow for your body. 

Ideally, a keyboard that has a larger gap with every letter. This setup is also appropriate for people with bigger fingers. 

Another alternative is a keyboard split into two. While this may require some time to adjust to, it allows for better shoulder support. 

Consider The Shape Of Your Mouse

Your mouse’s shape can also affect your wrist position. Some shapes can result in hand strain or carpal tunnel. If you find yourself consistently exercising your wrists because you feel pain after long work hours, it can be a sign that you need to replace your mouse. 

Go for an ergonomic mouse that allows you to grab it with ease; you should not feel any strain or discomfort in your wrists while using it. This is a better option than your laptop’s trackpad. 

Use A Monitor

When your screen is too low, your body may slouch, causing pain to your upper back and neck. To avoid slouching, you should adjust your screen so that it’s on your eye level. 

If you’re using your laptop, you may need to use an external monitor to avoid slouching. Alternatively, you can place your laptop in an elevated space and use an external keyboard. 

Ergonomic Accessories

Apart from the necessary tools and equipment you need to work, you may want to get accessories that’ll help you to set up an ergonomic workstation. For starters, you can use an ergonomic back pillow to provide additional support while sitting. A lumbar pillow is a fantastic option, as it’s perfectly shaped for your back. 

You can also add a footrest to keep your feet in the proper position. This option is advisable especially if you have shorter legs that don’t touch the floor, even if your chair is already at its lowest setting. 

Don’t forget to incorporate aesthetic and fun elements in your home office design. Being surrounded with things that make you happy and inspired can help enhance your performance because you enjoy your space. 


Setting up an ergonomic home office allows you to work comfortably any time of the day. With the right tools and equipment for your work area, you shouldn’t feel strains and discomfort in any part of your body. By creating a space that enables you to work while maintaining a proper posture and frees you from any discomfort, you can be the most productive you can be. 

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