How to Unclog a Shower Drain

Clogging and plumbing problems are common that everyone faces once in a lifetime. According to the experts, it is necessary to overcome the issues before they begin to originate. In-home the major use of water is in the toilet, and it is possible to have some clog, impurities that require to fix. The normal clogging in the shower area is easy to remove with the use of simple techniques. So, it is important to resolve the problem with simple home-based remedies.

You can find out the tools and methods that are popular and easy to adapt to avoid the clogging problem. Before the clogging, it is great to avoid the problem by adopting the remedy, and once it is treated, then use the techniques to resolve the issue.

Here are the common household remedies use for the unclogging of the shower drain. The Randwick plumbing and blocked drain experts also suggest common remedies to unclog the drain. Moreover, you can get a professional plumber to help when the blockage is not easy to remove.

How to Unclog a Shower Drain

  • Use hot water for cleaning

If you are having a problem with the water flow and found a blockage in the drain, then it is good to use the hot water. It is a simple home-based remedy that is effective and removes the content that causes blockage. Moreover, it is great to use this tip once to avoid blockage anyway.

All you need to boil the water over the stove or use the electric water heating kettle. After that, pour the water into the drainage, or you can use the funnel to best utilize the technique. If you have delicate toilet fixtures in the toilet, then better to use the funnel and other related tools to avoid the hot water spill. For the basic or initial blockage, this technique is really helpful.

  • Commercial drain cleaner

The use of the chemicals for the drain blockage opening is also an effective remedy that gives the best results. You can use the casual chemicals available in the market for the drainage blockage opening. But there is a consideration that you have to keep in mind while using the chemicals like protection and use of the safety measures.

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Most importantly, make sure the chemical will not spill out from the drainage hole because it will cause the problem and damage the tiles and toilet fixtures as well.   

  • A home remedy of vinegar & soda

Other than the chemical, it is great to use the home-based remedy that is vinegar and soda. It is the best and natural component use to remove the clog from the drainage hole. It is great to use the baking soda mix with the vinegar and pour it into the drainage hole. It is effective and works instantly over the clogs and impurities that cause blockage inside the drain.

While using the remedy, keep the precaution in mind and use the tools or gloves for safe utilization. Moreover, it is great to wait for a few minutes or hours after the usage of the liquid. You can use water after one hour, for effective results, use the boiling water to pour after few hours then your drainage is ready to use anyway.

  • Plunger or drain snake

As per the latest equipment and fixtures, there is a change in the structure that will help to avoid drainage blockage. You can use the plunger and drain snake to remove the blockage. Moreover, the drain opening has an inside with a small retention net that did not allow the hairs, impurities, and other things to pass out. You can open it and remove the clogs to avoid blockage.

Moreover, the plunger, suction pump, and drain snake are tools use for the removal of the impurities. It is a smart and handy tool that you can have to clean the basin, shower area, bathtub, and others effectively or quickly.  

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  • Use hands to remove a clog

If the clogging is not too much, then it is good to use your hand to remove or clean the clogs. It requires gloves or a screw to open the drain cover. While doing this, it is important to wear gloves and did not do it with bare hands to avoid bacterial interaction.

First of all, open the drain cover, you can use the screwdriver to open the drain cover if required. Wear gloves and remove the clog with your hand. If you found it is not easy to remove with hand, then you should use other methods.  

  • Appoint plumber

The professional plumbers are good to deal with the blockage of drain and removal of clogs. If the blockage is not easy to remove and requires professional assistance, then feel free to appoint one. You need to find the best from the market with a good reputation and skills. The plumber is good enough to locate the problem area and effectively remove the issue.

Final consideration!

Clogging of drainage blockage is a common problem that happens in kitchen or bathroom pipelines. All you need to adopt the precautions to avoid the issues. But once the issue is created, then utilize the remedies to unclog the drainage or hire the plumber to do the job.

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