5 DIY Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Plumbing issues are the pits. Clogged drains, toilets that won’t flush, and leaks can cause headaches, ruin your day, and can damage your home if the issues aren’t quickly addressed. As a homeowner, there are some DIY plumbing skills you should know. 

Although you should leave the big projects to the professionals, having some basic skills to address your plumbing problems right away will serve you well. 

Read on for our top 5 DIY plumbing tips. 

5 DIY Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

  1. Know Where Your Main Water Shut Off Is

The first thing you often need to do if there is a water leak is shut off the main water line. In each bathroom, there should be a water main shut-off next to the toilet. Familiarize yourself with this, as you’ll need to shut off the water if there is a leak, damage, or you need to do repairs. 

You should also know where the shutoff is for your entire home in the event you need to turn off the water to all sinks, faucets, toilets, etc. As a new homeowner, familiarize yourself with these shutoffs before you actually need them.  

  1. Use a Plunger For Clogged Drains

Plungers aren’t just for clogged toilets. If you have a clogged shower or sink drain, you can also use a plunger to unclog the drains. The plunger will suck out all the water and other debris clogging the drain and get it moving. If it’s a stubborn clog, you can follow this up with other methods to clear the drain. 

Sometimes you might have to throw in the towel, though, and call in a professional plumber if the clog is extra stubborn.

  1. Put Together a Plumbing Kit 

Keep a plumbing kit handy in your bathroom or garage. Things to include are a plunger, plumber’s tape to put around leaks, paper towels and old towels in case there is a leak, pliers, and a screwdriver or hex keys. Hex keys are needed to tighten small nuts and bolts. They come in different sizes and a set is very inexpensive.

You’ll be glad you had the forethought to gather these items the next time you have a plumbing emergency! 

  1. Take Care of Your Drains 

You can prevent a lot of issues by taking some preventative measures to keep your drains clean. Don’t let soap, debris, hair, or other materials clog your drains. There are different drain covers you can get for showers to limit how much hair goes down the drain. You can also regularly treat your drains with vinegar, dish soap, and hot water.  

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  1. Take Care of Faucets and Shower Heads

If you live in an area with hard water, you may have noticed calcium built up on your showerheads and sink faucets. To get rid of this build-up and get the water flowing freely again, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and then use a rubber band to secure it to the showerhead or faucet. Leave it overnight and then scrub off any remaining mineral deposits. 

DIY Plumbing Tips 

These DIY plumbing tips cover a lot of the most common plumbing issues you might face. As a new homeowner (or an inexperienced one), plumbing problems can be terrifying but armed with a few tips and tools, you can fix more problems than you’d expect! 

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