4 Warning Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

Do you need basement waterproofing? While the waterproofing in and around your basement is probably not something you think of, it is an essential component of your home. 

In the United States, 98 percent of basements will be affected by some level of water damage during the lifetime of the basement. Considering all the dangers of water damage and how costly it can be, this is a shocking statistic you cannot afford to ignore.

Fortunately, you can avoid this type of damage in your basement by waterproofing the area. By taking a few steps both inside and out, you can protect you and your family from illness and your bank account from costly expenses. 

While you should waterproof your basement no matter what, here are a few signs you have an immediate problem that needs to be taken care of right away. 

4 Warning Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

  1. You Notice Water Stains in Your Basement 

One sign you need to call American Waterproofers is water stains in your basement. While these stains can be the result of an appliance overflowing, they can also indicate outside water is coming in. If you see stains on your floors, walls, or the lower levels of your home, you likely have a problem. 

  1. You and Your Family Are Feeling Ill

Do you and members of your family have cold-like symptoms that never go away? You might have a mold problem from water intrusion. If you are experiencing headaches, coughing, joint pain, fatigue, and more, contact a quality basement waterproofing company.

  1. Your Basement Walls Are Sparkling

While sparkling basement walls might look beautiful, they are a clear sign of a problem. This happens when water soaks into your concrete walls and brings the minerals to the surface, resulting in streaks of a sparkling chalk-like substance. If you see this chalky substance on your walls, you likely have a problem.  

  1. You Have a Persistent Pest Problem

One sign you need to Google “basement waterproofing near me” is if you have a persistent pest problem. Insects are drawn to cool, dark, wet environments, which is what your basement will be if there is a water intrusion. 

This results in pest infestations that seem impossible to treat. If your home is overrun by pests and you have no idea why you likely need to waterproof your basement. 

These Are the Warning Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

There are many warning signs you will notice when you need basement waterproofing.

One obvious sign is water stains on your basement floors and walls. You might also notice your basement walls are sparkling, mold is growing in the area, or there is a musty smell you cannot get rid of. If you have a persistent pest problem and can’t find the source of the problem, you might need waterproofing in your basement.

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If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional right away.

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