Pros of buying real estate in Chonburi, Thailand 

The province of Chonburi is located in central Thailand, approximately 60 km from Bangkok. It is home to the most famous tourist center of the country, the city of Pattaya. In terms of size, Chonburi is not very large. Its main part goes inland, on the mainland. On the coast there is a long strip of sandy beaches, fishing harbors and seaports.

Cost of apartments in Chonburi and favorable weather conditions welcome tourists to come to Chonburi. Most of them go to the resort areas of Pattaya. There are many hotels, restaurants, malls, bars and clubs. This place is perfect for a long vacation because of the good beaches and a lot of interesting excursions.

Pros of buying real estate in Chonburi Thailand 

Real estate for sale in Chonburi 

Comparing the real estate prices of Thailand and Europe, we can say that all the destinations of Thailand have significant advantages. Buying property in Chonburi has become a good object for foreign investments and getting sound profit. Investors are buying land in Thailand, as for the construction of their plots of land houses or villas, as well as investments in the resort industry and the opening of a business in Thailand.

Real estate in Chonburi is becoming more and more expensive all the time, and this is not surprising, since Thai housing can bring substantial income in terms of leasing. Property in Chonburi and in such popular holiday destinations such as Samui, Phuket, Bangkok or Hua Hin, you can always rent to a management company on the contract, and receive a guaranteed income which can be up to 10-12% per annum.

Location of the islands and many kilometers of coastline can speak to the fact that real estate in Thailand is attractive and can generate a steady profit. Their owners can at any time visit this country and enjoy all the delights of the tropical climate of the islands.

Important steps to obtain property in Chonburi 

The government of Thailand introduces no obstacles to buying real estate by foreign investors. Moreover, they even attract and welcome the foreign capital into the country. For this reason, the procedure of real estate purchase is simple and straightforward. To become a homeowner in Chonburi, a buyer needs to perform the following set of steps. 

  1. Consult with the professional real estate agent. 

The important key of a successful deal is the choice of the proven real estate agent. The certified specialist has extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate market in the locality. As a rule, this specialist performs all the functions. However, assistance from a lawyer or a translator may be necessary as well. 

  1. Choose the suitable housing object. 

With the help of an agent or yourself, open the major aggregator of Thai real estate Thailand-Real.Estate and select the suitable property in Chonburi. The catalog is constantly updated to keep buyers in touch with the most profitable and comfortable housing units at a reasonable price. 

  1. Make a deposit. 

After the housing object is chosen, contact the developer and make a down payment. This is the first payment that books the property. The amount of down payment may vary depending on the requirements of the developer, but it rarely exceeds 50%. 

  1. Conclude the deal and sign the contract. 

The most important step is signing the document. The signature of a buyer means that there is no argument and both a buyer and a seller are satisfied with the conditions of the deal. Make sure that the contract is compiled according to the desires of both sides and no hidden issues are mentioned. 

  1. Transfer of ownership. 

At this stage it is also worth being vigilant and checking that all the conditions of the contract have been met. If any defects are found, the seller will be obliged to remedy them within the stipulated period. If the property is accepted and everything is in order, the package of documents is sent to the Land Department, which will issue you a certificate of ownership. From this moment you become the rightful owner of the property in Thailand.

Pros of obtaining real estate ownership in Chonburi 

Thai real estate has a whole pack of benefits as in terms of place for living and investment. 

  • Comfortable climate all year round. 
  • Near proximity to the sea.
  • Tasty cuisine and fresh seafood. 
  • Welcoming locals with a special lifestyle.
  • Relatively low cost of living. 
  • Affordable cost of housing. 
  • High return on investment.


Real estate in Chonburi is in great demand among foreign buyers. To buy an apartment, you need to learn the market, choose a real estate agency and execute the transaction in the Land Department. Warm comfortable climate, the proximity of the sea and snow-white beaches, and well-developed infrastructure make this city attractive not only for recreation but also for permanent living.

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