Shopping for a New Refrigerator – What to Look For

Kitchen appliances are truly the workhorse in the home. They are used each and every day, and it’s not unusual for them to be used multiple times each day. In short, they can tend to take a beating, and yet homeowners count on them to be reliable and effective. So, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen appliance, it’s really no wonder that the list of wants and needs should be so specific and extensive. For those looking to purchase a new refrigerator in the near future, we’ve got a few things that you will most definitely want to look for during the shopping process.

Shopping for a New Refrigerator - What to Look For

What Size Fridge Do You Need?

Before you get too carried away looking at the options, make sure you know what the measurements are that you’re working with. The last thing you want to do is purchase a fridge that ends up being too big and doesn’t fit in the designated spot.

Do You Want an Exterior Water and Ice Dispenser?

Exterior water and ice dispenser are among the most popular feature that people look for when shopping for a new fridge. This is even more so the case when it’s a family who likely goes through glass after glass of water throughout the course of the day. This style of fridge is convenient and also saves you money since you don’t have to buy bottled water, and then create all that waste.

If you do purchase one of these types of fridges, you can visit to find the specific replacement filter when the time is right. Keep in mind that replacing the fridge filter on a regular basis will ensure that your water isn’t contaminated or smelly, and it helps to keep the fridge in good working condition.

Is the Refrigerator Energy-Efficient?

In today’s eco-conscious world, it’s always wise to look for appliances that are considered energy efficient. There are typically EnergyGuide stickers on appliances to let you know what the annual cost to operate the item is. This is a great way to compare models and ensure you’re making an informed decision.

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What is the Shelving Configuration Like?

Because you want to keep your fridge organized and make the best use of the space possible, you want to be extra picky about the shelving configuration. For many people, a fridge that has adjustable shelves makes the most sense, as it can be customized to your needs.

Does It Fit with Your Budget?

Finally, there is the question of budget. The good news is that you can find refrigerators in a wide range of price points, so you should be able to find something. If you do have your eyes on a model that is out of your budget, you can always wait and watch for a sale. Appliances are known for going on sale a few times throughout the year.

By using each of these tips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fridge for your home, needs, and budget.

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