Tricks – How To Use Space Saver Vacuum Packed Bags

Space saver vacuum bags are the perfect option if you want to store anything without taking too much storage space in your home or wardrobe. Vacuum sealed storage bags will reduce the storage space you need in your home by up to 70%. 

Especially if you are a person who loves to have a lot of clothes, but you are running out of space to store all of them in one place, then this is going to be the perfect option for you in this regard. If you want to utilize the space saver vacuum bag, all you have to do is pack the bag with all the items and then seal it appropriately, and you can store it in a cool and dry place.

In this article, we will discuss tips and tricks on how to use space saver vacuum-packed bags. So keep on reading to find out more information below about vacuum bags.

How To Use Space Saver Vacuum Packed Bags

 1. Type Of Space-Saving Vacuum Bag

 The space-saver bags available in different shapes and sizes, and there are many options for you to choose from. The flat bags are used for storing clothing items, and cube-shaped bags are useful for keeping the most significant things like blankets and quilt covers.

 2. Opening

 The second step is to open up the bag and hold each side of the zipper. Then you can pull the sides apart, and it will open to not extremely hard otherwise, it can rip.

 3. Flat Surface

A flat surface is critical when it comes to opening up the bag. This way, you will not get any air bubbles if you flatten it up on a flat surface.

 4. Items

 Be careful about the items that you are going to store in these vacuum bags. Make sure that you are not storing any food items or leather collectibles in these bags. If you put anything with sharp edges or corners and the bags will get a puncture in them.

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 5. Overfilling

 When you put all the items in the bag, make sure that you are not over feeling the vacuum bag. You can check the instructions that the vacuum bag comes with when it comes to finding out about the vacuum bag’s maximum capacity.

 6. Sealing

 Sealing the space storing a vacuum bag is the most crucial step. You can complete this process by using your thumb and index finger and slide the zipper on top of the pack. You can press down on it a little bit to make sure that you get a tight seal, and there is no leak for the air to come out or go inside.

 7. Running Fingers On The Zipper

You can close the vacuum bag by running your fingers lightly and pressing down on the zipper and then the back will be sealed.

 8. Valve Cap

 The vacuum bags come with a valve cap on top. If you rotate them, then you can easily open them up and take your items out whenever you want.

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