Signs That It is Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

In many situations, you will be able to go through and just do some simple fixes that will help you to repair it and keep it around for a long time. But if the air conditioner is getting old and doesn’t seem to be doing a good job keeping the home or business cool, you may be wondering if it is time to just replace it with a new unit. There are a few different signs that you need to consider when it is time to replace the air conditioner includes:

Signs That It is Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Your Energy Bill is High

Your air conditioner is going to need to rely on electricity in order to keep the home cool. The efficiency rating will let you know how much electricity should be consumed when it is time to cool things down. Of course, when the system starts to age and get older, you will find that it naturally declines in efficiency.

Due to this, you will find that the lowered efficiency is going to result in higher energy costs just to keep your home cool. If you have noticed that your bill has gone up and your cooling costs are higher, even if you are using the same amount as always, you may need to talk to a professional to see about changing out the system.

The Air Conditioner Blows Out Warm Air

One frustrating and common issue that you may notice with the AC is that when you turn it on, it doesn’t blow out that nice, cool air you are looking for. Instead, it is going to blow out warm or even hot air. There are a few things that a professional will be able to check to see whether some common problems are to blame and if it is time to just repair or replace the unit.

First, you could have the problem with refrigerant levels being too low. This can happen if there is a leak. The refrigerant is going to be the substance that will transfer heat from the air in the home to the outside so that you can keep cool. If there is a big leak on the refrigerant, this is a sign that your air conditioner is getting old and you should probably replace it.

A second problem is going to be that the condenser fan motor, the heat pump, or the evaporator coils are broken. These are all essential components to helping you keep the home cold. They can be costly to replace, depending on the unit and you will need to talk to a professional to see whether you need to go with a new system.

The Air Conditioner Makes Strange Noises

Your AC unit is going to make some noise when you turn it on. This is considered normal and you should not assume that the unit will be completely quiet all the time. But when you start to hear some strange noises like whirring or grinding in the system, then this is not a good sign. It can be a sign of a condenser fan motor, issues with a compressor, loose parts, or a worn belt. Depending on the exact problem that is going on, you may need to replace the whole system to be safe. Your professional HVAC technician can come see what is making the noise and then will give you an idea of whether you can repair the unit or replace it.

You Have Minimal Airflow

In some cases, it is common that there are some problems with the blower motor in your indoor HVAC unit. When this happens, it is going to lead to a lack of air coming out of the vents, even when the unit is on and running. If you start to notice that there is a reduced amount of airflow, the first thing to try is to replace the air filters. This will make a big difference in the quality of the air that you have inside. If this doesn’t seem to do the trick, then you need to contact your HVAC contractor to look it over for you.

Sometimes the issue is something simple that you can just replace, such as a broken belt on the blower motor. But sometimes it is a bigger problem that can be expensive and inefficient to fix. If this is the problem, then your HVAC contractor will be able to discuss with you if it is time to get a new unit in place.

The System is Old

Your air conditioner is not meant to last forever. The average machine is going to last somewhere about 15 years. Some really high-end models are able to keep working for closer to 20 years, and then some of the budget ones will only last you for ten years. Keeping up with some of the maintenance and other work will help you prolong how much time you can live with the air conditioner.

If you are getting close to that 15 year mark on the air conditioner, then you should probably set aside some money to replace it and take care of the problem. You won’t have to worry about the rush service and won’t have to pay interest in order to get a loan to pay for the unit either. You can shop around to find the right one for you.

When you are looking for the best in air conditioning repair, then it is time to work with our team to get it done. You do not want to live in a hot and humid house in the middle of the summer, but if you wait too long, you will find yourself on a very long list and may have to deal with the heat for a long time. Getting your AC repair done the moment there are signs of a problem or having it checked out in the spring long before you notice any problems can make a difference. Our team will be there to help. We can do a check on your air conditioner, make some simple fixes, and make sure that it is going to work all summer long. Trust us for all your AC repair needs.

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