5 Signs You Should Call An Emergency Electrician

According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical problems are the second-leading cause of house fires in America. 

The best way to prevent this type of escalation is to identify electrical emergencies and find an electrician who can address them right away.

How do you know when it’s time to call an emergency electrician?

Read on for five signs that you need an electrician company that offers emergency services and can come to your house right away.

5 Signs You Should Call An Emergency Electrician

1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to trip to prevent things like electrical fires. They do so if your outlets are overwhelmed by too much activity.

However, they shouldn’t trip every time you plug something in or turn something on. If your circuit breakers trip often, contact an emergency electrician. 

2. Hot Power Outlets

Do your power outlets feel warm or hot to the touch? That overheating isn’t normal and indicates that your wiring or outlet is working harder than it should, likely due to a malfunction. An increase in heat energy is often a precursor to a fire. 

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3. Sparking Outlets

Have you ever plugged in an appliance and gotten a bit of a shock? An occasional, small shock isn’t a red flag most of the time and if you notice quick blue sparks, it’s probably fine.

However, if the sparks last longer than one second and appear white or yellow, this isn’t normal. Turn off and unplug your appliances and contact an emergency electrician. 

4. Smells of Burning or Smoke

Nothing indicates a building fire like the smell of something burning or the appearance of smoke. (When it comes to electrical fires, you may smell burning plastic, rubber, or a more chemical burning smell.)

At this stage, the first place to call is the fire department. The second, once your house is deemed fire-free, is an emergency electrician.

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5. Water Damage Near Electrical Wiring or Outlets

Water and electricity don’t mix. If you have water damage near your electrical wiring or outlets, don’t wait for further signs of electrical problems. Call an emergency electrician right away.

How to Find an Emergency Electrician

Not all electricians offer emergency services, so your regular electrician may not work. What you need is to find an electrician that offers 24/7 services, like the emergency electrician here

Remember, you should never try to tackle electrical problems on your own or ignore them. We rely on electricity for our day-to-day activities, but it can be dangerous when it starts to malfunction. 

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Electrical Maintenance

The last thing you want is for a small electrical problem to become an electrical fire. When you notice any of these signs, don’t take them lightly. Call an emergency electrician and protect your home right away.

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