The Benefits of Air to Water Heat Pumps for Your House

Air-to-water heat pumps, sometimes referred to as air source heat pumps (ASHP), are a type of heating setup that uses a refrigerant system to draw heat from the exterior of a facility to the interior.

Heat is moved from the ambient air to a home’s hot water supply, underfloor heating, and hot water radiators. This type of heating setup is ideal for use even in relatively moderate climates and will supply you with a plentiful source of heat throughout the entire year because air is always heated no matter its temperature.

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Setting up Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Setting up an air source heat pump is often quick and simple. An external unit and a condenser are the two primary parts of these systems. Heat is absorbed from ambient air by the external unit and delivered to the condenser, where it accumulates. The condenser then distributes the heat throughout your home and into your household’s hot water supply.

Compared to other heating technologies, air-to-water heat pumps don’t require as much installation work. For instance, ground source heat pumps must be installed via geothermal drilling, whilst air-to-water heat pumps only need to be joined to an apartment’s heating system using insulated pipes.

Heat pumps with an air source are becoming more and more popular. Millions of heat pumps are anticipated to be produced and used in the next few years to help achieve the zero-carbon emissions goal.

Compared to other forms of heating technologies, air-to-water heat pumps have several advantages for homeowners:

Carbon Emissions Reduction

Using an air-to-water heat pump can reduce your carbon impact by half. Even though they are electricity-powered, air-to-water heat pumps primarily utilize green, renewable energy. They suck in low-quality air, circulate it within the system, and then generate the right levels of warmth for your home and hot water if you require it.

Utilize a never-ending source of heat.

You don’t have to worry about a diminishing heat source because ASHP absorbs heat from the ambient air into your home’s interior and hot water supply. This heating setup is ideal year-round since air has heat even at freezing temperatures.

Reduced electricity costs.

The cost of purchasing and setting up air source heat pumps may initially seem a hefty investment. A full heat pump installation costs anything from $3,500 to $18,975. This might make someone doubt their value. The upside is that you’ll eventually be able to get back all of your money and some more. Additionally, your house will be cozier.

Air source heat pumps exhibit high performance and minimum electricity usage. A typical ASHP operates at a 3.2 coefficient of performance even when outside temperatures are 7 degrees. 3.2 COP indicates an efficiency of more than 320%. The higher your ASHP COP in cold temperatures, the better. That means it’ll provide you with heat all year long.

Low Maintenance

Air source heat pumps don’t need a lot of upkeep and repairs. They are some of the low-upkeep heat pumps that are available. They last longer than other pumps, so you can be sure that you’ll get value for money both currently and in the long run.

It can be used year-round.

Modern air-to-water heat pump technology allows you to achieve your heating requirements even during seasons where temperatures drop as low as 25°C.

Rebates and incentives

Installing air-to-water heat pumps is often less expensive than other heating systems. One system may meet all your residential HVAC demands throughout the year with air source heat pumps since they offer heating and cooling, similar to an air conditioner.

Additionally, depending on your location and the equipment you are setting up, rebates and incentives might be available to reduce your installation costs. Local installers can provide you with more details about the available promotions in your area and how much the right-sized heat pump unit will cost you.

Additionally, you can check for manufacturer rebates. Your heat pump contractor should be able to provide you with such information and more.


ASHPs are superb low-carbon heating technologies that use ambient air to generate heat for residential hot water needs and space heating. The size and type of pump, size of your premises, and yearly energy use all affect how much it will cost to purchase and set up an ASHP.

Although the initial cost is frequently high, the long-term savings are worth it. Check out SPRSUN for some of the best air source heat pumps at friendly prices.

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