The Best Interior Design Tips for Small Homes

When it comes to interior design, minimalism is always going to be in. It looks clean and modern. It also looks expensive. However, for small homes, minimalism leaves a lot wanting. Instead of creating space, it merely shows how small the space actually is.

This highlights a common problem people have when designing the interior of their small homes. Going big is impossible, as clutter builds up quickly. But the opposite feels cold and empty.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to create incredible interior design for your small home. Here are the best interior design tips you should consider.

Interior Design Hacks to Make Your Home Shine

Focus on storage first

Small homes always lack storage space. You need to make the most of every corner of every room, leaving you no place to keep your stuff. However, with some small apartment storage hacks, you can optimize your space. This is what you should focus on first.

The reason you should start with storage is that it will determine how much space you end up with. If you start with decor first, you’ll just find yourself having to remove pieces and shift things around when it’s time to pack your excess stuff.

Instead of having to compromise on the work you’ve already done, avoid the hassle by finding your storage space before doing anything else.

Choose a color thread

One of the interior design tips that will always be valid for homes of any size is to carry a color thread through as much of the house as possible. This may mean an occasional statement wall, throw cushions, rugs, and more items of the same color. It shows an intentionality that brings everything together.

The benefit of a small home is that you can carry through a color thread better than anyone else. Since the space you are tying together is limited, your chosen color thread will have your home looking chic in no time.

Remember to be subtle with this. It should be a color thread, not a theme.

Find statement pieces

Furniture in a small home needs to be practical and efficient. This may be your primary focus when adding furniture shopping. If you want your furniture to stand out, you may struggle to find items which achieve the right balance. Statement pieces can save you the trouble.

Instead of your entire furniture set looking interesting, one or two pieces that are bold and exciting will bring your house to life without compromising utility. A statement piece may be a brightly-colored chair or a striking antique. Because it is meant to make a statement, it does not have to fit into the theme carried throughout your home.

Get an oversized mirror

We all know the trick of using a mirror to create a sense of spaciousness. While it is the oldest trick in the book, it is still incredibly effective. In fact, rather than simply adding occasional mirrors in the home, go big and choose an oversized mirror for your living room.

This can be a standing mirror that is in and of itself a statement piece. Not only will it make your home feel more comfortably sized, but it will also draw every eye in the room.

Soft textures help

The thing you want most to avoid when designing a small home is a sense of claustrophobia. It is for this reason that no matter how much of a statement you want to make, you’ll never use chandeliers or large corner couches. Another way to lessen the sense of claustrophobia is by being intentional with your textures.

Hard textures can make it feel like the walls are closing in. Soft textures, such as soothing colors and fabric covered walls, can give your home a cozy feel. Instead of feeling small, it feels safe.

Designing a small home requires a different approach to regular interior decor. The good news is that because you have less space to design, you may find it easier to succeed.

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