Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Franklin, TN Homes

Water damage is one of the worst circumstances to deal with as a homeowner. In any residential property, there are multiple things that can go wrong that will result in water collecting where it shouldn’t. A heavy storm could raise the water table and lead to flooding in your basement. Cold temperatures could cause pipes to burst and leak water throughout the home. An aging water heater could develop a leak in the drain valve. Clogged gutters could create puddles on the roof that seep into the support structure of the building.

Preventing water damage is the best way to save your bank account from expensive repairs or ruined possessions. Here are some helpful tips that can help you protect your Franklin, TN home from water damage situations. 

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Replace Old Siding

Siding is not just an aesthetic feature of every home. It also plays a crucial role in protecting the interiors from the elements. The older your siding material is, the more likely it is to develop gaps or worn-down pieces that can compromise your home when it rains. A siding update can transform the exterior of the house while also promoting stronger protection against water damage. Both the choice of material and the age of it will affect how safe the house is from heavy rainfall or wind damage. 

Routine Maintenance on Appliances

Most homes contain appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, freezers, and water heaters. These basic machines use a lot of water, and therefore they could be sources of water damage in the future, especially if you take no steps to maintain them. Routine maintenance, as recommended in the manuals of these appliances, can slow down the effect of normal wear and tear to ensure these machines last longer. It will also ensure that you are regularly inspecting water appliances to check for leaks or other types of damage. If you perform regular upkeep, or pay professional services to do so, then the chances of these appliances causing a water damage problem are reduced.

Respond to Signs of Damage Immediately

Timeliness is a major factor in preventing additional water damage from occurring. Many signs can indicate that there is water collecting in your home. Discolorations on the walls, sagging ceilings, the presence of mold, flaking paint, and even carpet stains may indicate that moisture is present. It is critical that you take action immediately to stop the source of water leakage and fix the damage. For example, you could contact a service for carpet cleaning in Franklin, TN that also handles water damage restoration in general. This way, they can clean your stained carpets, locate the source of the water, and prevent more damage, saving you a lot of money in the future. 

Clear Gutters Once or Twice a Year

Gutters are designed to help with drainage when rain falls and snow melts. It prevents too much water from collecting on the roof, from which it could seep into the inside of the home, and also steers water away from the foundation. Clogged gutters are a common cause of water damage to the roof and walls of your home, as well as the foundation. When water cannot properly drain off the roof, it can collect until it finds another route of escape, often into the home or spilling over onto the ground near the foundation. Simply clearing your gutters of any debris once or twice a year can mitigate this risk.

Insulate Interior Pipes

If temperatures drop below freezing during the year, then your home’s pipes could be at risk of freezing. Water expands when it freezes, so the pipes could crack or burst when put under this type of pressure. A simple step that you can take is to insulate your pipes against the cold so that the water inside is unlikely to freeze during the winter months. Common materials for pipe insulation include foam and rubber, and these insulating sleeves can often be found in most home improvement stores. Try to locate pipes in crawl spaces and attics where they may be exposed to colder air and add insulation to them to prevent freezing. This small investment will be worth it if it prevents a broken pipe from spilling water into your home’s interiors, ruining structural materials and possessions. 

Preventing Water Damage is a Responsibility For Homeowners

Buying a home instantly increases the amount of responsibility in your life. While you should always take care of the property you live in, the burden of care is 100% on you when you own a home in Franklin, TN. Unless you want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on repairs to make the home safe again, it is a wise investment to spend time and money on these preventative tips now to mitigate the risk of significant water damage. That way, you can enjoy your living experience even more without worrying about the damage or the costs that you could have prevented with the right action steps. 

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