Treat Yourself To A Green Delivery And A New Plant

We all love walking into a room that has not only been designed well but which has had thought, put behind its aesthetic to ensure that foliage and greenery have been included. There is something majestic and magical about a home that has flowers and plants throughout, it brings coziness and a lived-in feel that can only be achieved with bold colors and shapes and sizes of plants and trees everywhere. 

If you are moving into a new house and are looking to take it up a level in terms of a homier feel then a great option to start with is potted plants, the only thing you need to discover is what style complements your family and room designs.

There are endless varieties of potted plants and it can be overwhelming knowing which are manageable and will essentially stay alive with minimal effort (if you’re anything like me).

Treat Yourself To A Green Delivery And A New Plant 

Where to start

You may not think it but speaking to industry professionals is a great platform to build off from, companies such as Plantedpot who have the knowledge and expertise to guide you will help to make the process that much easier and less daunting. Ideally, a business that knows about the product you are looking for will have a reputable reputation which you can check in on via their webpage and customer comments reviews. 

Starting small is always advisable, this way you can edit and tweak your choices moving forward, get some larger pots, others a bit smaller for tricky spots around the home, and then simply some decorative alternatives to keep the overall look interesting. 

Look for a theme and work from there, the last thing you want or need is for your home to end up looking like a thrift store with every pot and plant looking mismatched, no thank you. 

Some of the companies may even offer an in-home consultation to come to the property and have a walk through with you, listening to what ideas you had in mind, recommending options or solutions, and you can get a feel for the brand to see if they are someone you would like to work with.

Why pots

Why is using rectangular planter boxes the best option for any design

Unless you have the luxury of a completely open planned home with a garden running through the middle then a potted plant is your best option of getting the outside inside, and the positives of plants, in general, has significantly increased over the past decades as research is advancing and being documented. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the more popular reasons other than health, of course, you can read about that topic here on why homeowners are opting for more plants in the home.

  • Cleaner air. Studies have shown that common household air pollutants are less likely to be present when there are plants around, they naturally purify the air providing oxygen as we know and absorbing the carbon dioxide we exhale. 
  • Comfort. Seeing a large potted tree or oversized plant in the corner can make you feel comfortable, it relaxes the room, and people feel at ease. It may be the calming effects of nature, the color of the leaves that bring a sense of tranquility, but the more plants the better.
  • Pride. They make you feel proud, it might seem strange but for me, if I reposition a plant in the home that seems to be struggling in a specific area and go back to it a few weeks later and it is thriving I am all smiles. I feel I have accomplished something, in a sense I have, sure it is not as big of a moment as raising a child, but a great feeling nonetheless. 

While not all plants may be as forgiving as I have certainly had my fair share of brown leafed friends, there are some which you can look through in this link that may be easier to take care of alongside your busy life and work schedule. We know we want plants but the time to look after them properly may not be in your favor, these could be the answer you have been looking for.

  • De-stress. Trying to unwind on the weekend and forget about the mounds of paperwork you completed just in time for cut-off at work is no easy feat. People have raved about the mental healing they felt when they switched off from the world for an hour and tended to their plants. You may be repotting, trimming, clearing away dead leaves, no matter the task, you can enjoy your own bubble for that moment and drain the stress away. 
  • Productivity. A workspace or office environment that has plants around has shown a higher rate in work performance, they help you maintain a sense of calm and keep focused on the job at hand. So as an employer not only are you making the area look great but you are improving overall morale between employees without them realizing it. 

A final thought

Planting On Small Balcony

We were born into a world that was surrounded, enveloped, and engulfed with trees and greenery and it only makes sense that when we are around it we feel our best. Our souls are at ease, we think happier thoughts, and Mother Nature soothes us the best way she knows how.

There is a leaf and bloom for everyone and all needs, some offer mental boosting properties, others provide positive energy for high traffic areas around the home, and then, my favorite, and there are those who are simply there to do what they do best. Look pretty. 

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