Types Of Garden Sheds That Will Bring Appeal To Your Backyard

Garden Sheds That Will Bring Appeal To Your Backyard 2

If you’re tired of seeing the water hose, rake, and other garden supplies scattered around your backyard, you might consider building or installing a garden shed to keep your things more organized at home. While a garden shed might not be a part of your original plan, having a tiny room outdoors provides you with extra living space. In that way, your rooms inside the house are not too occupied for your comfort and convenience, and that of your family’s.

A garden shed is perfect for storing your bicycle, motorcycle, garden tools, auto mechanic equipment, and other types of machines. Learn about the different types of garden sheds by continuing to read below.

Types of Garden Sheds According to Materials Used 

Wood or Natural Timber Sheds

A classic and elegant shed is always made of wood or natural timber. Wooden sheds are the most expensive option, which also requires the highest maintenance to avoid mold growth, warping, and insect infestations.

Here are some good-to-know facts about wooden garden sheds:

  • It’s essential to use a timber or concrete foundation so the shed won’t shrink into the ground in the long run.  
  • Untreated timber garden sheds are not recommended for tropical conditions because of humidity, which causes mold growth.
  • Experts use sound structural frames and treated timber to provide environment-friendly and sturdy sheds with waterproofing.

Real Steel or Metal Garden Sheds

Metal garden sheds, like those from EasyShed, are affordable and suitable for safe storage, requiring only minimal maintenance. The durability, functionality, and price of metal garden sheds are unbeatable. The foundation sits on concrete or plywood, making metal garden sheds an excellent option for maximum storage.

Plastic Garden Sheds

Plastic garden sheds have a good reputation because they’re easy to construct and only require minimal maintenance. Also, plastic garden sheds offer greater versatility in confined spaces, like townhouses. However, sun damage significantly affects plastic garden sheds compared to its metal and wood counterparts. That’s why you need to position your plastic garden shed in the shade.

Here are the advantages of plastic garden sheds:

  • Lightweight
  • Little maintenance
  • Easy to assemble

Fabric and Canvas

Fabric and canvas sheds are the quickest types of garden sheds to set up, and are also the cheapest ones to buy. In addition, fabric and canvas garden sheds are easy to move. However, a fabric shed isn’t going to last as long as metal, plastic, or wood alternatives. You’ll need to replace the fabric covering every five years, depending on your area’s weather condition and the location or placement of your shed.

Types of Garden Sheds According to Placement and Setup

  1. Lean-To Shed – Lean-to sheds are perfect for townhouses and small homes. If you have a small backyard, you can ensure maximum utilization of space with a three-walled lean-to shed set up against a wall or a fence.
  2. Stand-Alone Sheds – These are designed to tailor-fit into small and big spaces.
  3. Corner Sheds – Corner sheds average 6 to 8 square meters, and are a great option for limited rooms.
  4. Japanese Shed – Japanese garden sheds are super cool. These are aesthetically pleasing oriental-inspired sheds, adding function and style to your outdoor living space.

Tips in Choosing the Best Type of Garden Shed to Bring Appeal to Your Backyard

Types Of Garden Sheds That Will Bring Appeal To Your Backyard 1

  1. Choose a garden shed that can serve different purposes, considering the space, long-term goals, and your future reasons. You might need a centralized storage area for your tools and equipment or you’re looking to build your workshop for your favorite hobbies like photography or painting.
  2. Consider the type of garden shed material that will suit your demands. If you’re not sure what garden shed to permanently build, you can rent garden shed on Spacer.com.au for now.
  3. You can turn your garden sheds as workshops, storm sheds, tool sheds, garden sheds, storage sheds, tiny clubhouses, disco sheds, backyard bars, jamming areas, and even office spaces.
  4. Choose a garden shed that is made of high-quality materials that also match your backyard theme or patio decor. Wooden sheds are aesthetically-pleasing while quality steel sheds are sturdy and low-maintenance.
  5. Read product reviews in search engines, review sites, and social media platforms, and check the specifications on the company’s website to make sure you make the right decision of what type of garden shed you need to buy.


Whatever purpose or reason you have, you’ll never regret having a garden shed in your backyard. It is a practical storage solution that you can also convert to innovative functions, like a photography studio, artwork workshop, or a mini library for your magazines and other collections. Indeed, garden sheds can make every backyard appealing and functional.    

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